BBM for Android including Tecno phones is available. Click HERE


Nigeria U17 thrash Mali 2-0 in Final

Nigerian Striker Osinachi Ebere missed a penalty in the first few minutes of the first half. The Malian team was rock solid at the back and thwarted Nigeria's attack with relative ease. The Eaglets could not score a single goal in the first half not because of lack of attempts but because of the defensive stability of the


Google Android watch gets 17 new faces- SEE PICS

Google released new watch faces for its Android Wear OS on Monday.
According to confirmed sources at Google, the 17 new watch faces will carry characters and super brands from all over the world. Similarly, Android Wear can run custom third party watch faces and the new faces which are released in conjunction


Facts about China you don't know

China is rather exotic and sometimes it’s almost impossible to understand Chinese people. Maybe these 20 facts will help you understand the country better.If you wish to travel there for business, pleasure or education. then you need to know these facts.

Use 2 phone numbers for whatsapp on one phone

Do you want to use 2 phone numbers on whatsapp in one phone? I just discovered a method that will allow you access 2 whatsapp accounts with one phone at the same time. The steps to make it work are so simple that I was wondering why I had never thought of it in the first place. Do the following if you want to enjoy 2 whatsapps accounts on one phone


50 Facts you don't know about the world

1. The Country with the best gender equality- Sweden
2. The Biggest alcohol consuming country- Luxembourg
3. The Cleanest country in the world-Finland
4. The Coldest place in the world- Borstock in Antarctica and it reaches average temperature of -126.6 degree Fahrenheit.


Free Browsing on MTN

When I heard of this free browsing, I thought it was a joke ! One of my friends tried it and confirmed to me that it works. If this method is not FREE browsing, then I don't know what else is. I have always said it, It is not as if Nigerians don't want to pay for browsing services, but the rate Network Operators charge is outrageous. When will all these stop? Well, I hope other networks will see reason and reduce their rates. Follow these steps for FREE BROWSING


The best SCREEN RECORDER in 2014 for Android

If you want to record your Android phone screen when you are doing something e.g you want to make a video tutorial of how to get a task done, you will need a SCREEN RECORDER. The video can be posted on youtube, facebook,whatsapp etc There are many Recorders on the internet and finding a good one is always a great challenge. To get the best screen recorder, do this


Open Tabs or Pages from your last browsing session on Firefox, Chrome etc

When you start up your browser on Pc or Laptop, you usually will prefer to see  the last pages you were working on previously. Most times you discover that all the pages are gone and you have to start the painful and tedious process of going through your search History to give you an idea of what you were browsing before. There is a way that you can set your browser whether it is Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari or Torch


Whatsapp vs Blackberry Messenger. Which is better ???

With the release of Blackberry Messenger for Android phones (Version 4.0 and above), many people who have android phones versions less than 4.0 have been complaining of being marginalized by Blackberry. They simply cannot understand why BBM would not be made to work on their phones. I have done a critical analysis of Whatsapp and BBM. As for me the better of the two is


BBM (BB Messenger) is working on Android now including Tecno Phones

Hurray, the Black Berry Messenger (BBM) is now available for Android devices including Tecno. I just installed it now on my Tecno L3. The features are just amazing. If you have any Android phone 4.0 and above, then you can install BBM on it and start PINGING immediately. It took Blackberry a long time to get this out and I must confess, this BBM is going to revolutionize the chatting level in Nigeria and the whole world. Go to this web address and download BBM for Android
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