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Unemployment in our Nation

This young man depicted in the photo above does not push a wheel barrow for the fun of it, he does it as a means of livelihood. On my way back from Benue State, I bought yams and beans for my personal use at home, on arriving at the


How to know who owns a Website

Hi, Have you ever browsed a website and come across somebody who claims he can do something for you at a certain price? The person may even send you his/her website name to substantiate his/her claims. Now, how are you sure the person is the real OWNER of that site? He might be using another person’s website or blog to make cheat you of your hard earned money !!! Have I got your attention? Just follow the steps enumerated below to confirm the owner of a website.
1. Go to

2. Type the name of the website in the box without putting www. For example

3. Click search, you will be amazed with the kind if information you will get. Name of owner, date of registration, email address, Web hosting company etc just try it and see.

You can then call the phone number you see there to confirm that you are actually communicating with the right person. You can also send an email to the owner. Try it, if it works come back here and post a comment

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Tribute to a Virtuos woman

Contrary to popular belief that women are the weaker vessels, I stand today to refute this claim. I will proove this with my neighbour's wife as an example, she is known as Mama Paul (her child's name is Paul). She runs a fast food joint at the Giring market. She
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