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Unemployment in our Nation

This young man depicted in the photo above does not push a wheel barrow for the fun of it, he does it as a means of livelihood. On my way back from Benue State, I bought yams and beans for my personal use at home, on arriving at the
motor Park in Jos around 4.15pm, I needed to get a wheel barrow to take my goods to the place where taxis were parked, I picked this particular guy due to his build considering the fact that the Sack I put my food items in was big. When we started negotiating the price, I told him I was a student oo, hoping that this would make him to reduce the price of N150. He said: “I am a graduate and you a student which means we have something in common”. I did not believe him, he claimed he graduated with a B.Sc in Political Science. I asked then what are you doing pushing wheelbarrow? He said “I am tired of searching for work”. To get a job in modern day Nigeria is not easy especially when you do not know people in high places. I asked if he had applied for work at all. He said he has tried NNPC, NDIC, CBN, SEC, Ministries, Primary Schools etc. In fact “ I am tired”. I asked him what do you expect the President of Nigeria to be (Goodluck ) to do when he is re-elected. He said: I wish Goodluck the best, but for me I have lost faith in Nigeria, I am on my own!!! I paid him N250 for his services. This guy actually made me understand what it means to be an unemployed graduate for 5 years. I wish Goodluck were to have a meeting with this guy, maybe and just maybe he would revamp the Ministry of Labour and Productivity.

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