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Tribute to a Virtuos woman

Contrary to popular belief that women are the weaker vessels, I stand today to refute this claim. I will proove this with my neighbour's wife as an example, she is known as Mama Paul (her child's name is Paul). She runs a fast food joint at the Giring market. She
wakes up as early as 4am in the morning to fetch water and begins to cook for the day. She cooks rice, beans, fried plantain, stew, semovita, soups of various types.

She operates her business alone since her child is only 4 years old. The husband seems to me the real "African man" who would rather protect his manhood than offer help to the mother of his child. On two occasions I have been forced to assist this woman to fetch water, I admire her courage to stand tall in the midst of her circumstances and to offer a beacon of hope to womanhood. In a country were young women do terrible things to satisfy their needs, it is heartwarming to know that there is hope for the common woman. This is a woman with limited education but instead of just sitting idle waiting on her husband, she has "taken the bull by the horn".

I remember when I was in 400 level, one of my father's friend told me to graduate quickly so he could get me a job. When I graduated he said I should go for Youth Service, when I came back he said I should get "Professional qualification". I wrote my ICAN exams and became a Chartered Accountant, when I met him he said : "you see, work is not easy now but immediately there is an opening I will contact you". That was 2 years ago and up till now he is yet to contact me. My point is, all those who promise to help are not God and as such can fail. Help yourself and find something doing no matter how small. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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