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My neighbours expensive Nokia phone got locked by his child and the child could not remember the code he used to lock the phone. He (my neighbor was given the option of formatting the phone which meant that all the texts messages, phone numbers, and vital settings in the phone would be lost. He had lost all hope and was about to trash the living day light out of his son when I heard of the issue. I told him to calm down and give me 20 minutes. I used my own phone and navigated to this site NOKIA UNLOCK CODE and typed the IMEI of the Nokia phone. When I got the result, I typed it into the phone and immediately the phone got unlocked. The man was very happy and asked me to name my price. I told him to pay me N5 ( Five Naira) !!! He was shocked; he asked me what I would do with a small amount as N5. I said: “If you give me N5, any time I have need for your assistance, you will always help me. He laughed and said no problem. NOTE: This works only with Nokia phones!!!


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