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What your Mobile Phone data log says about you

In today’s world, almost everybody is connected to the outside world through phones; it may be to the internet or to other people’s phones. But for this connection to be possible you will need a  “Network Service Provider e.g  Mtn, Etisalat, Glo to enable the connection.
What most people do not know is that the Network Provider keeps a record of the calls you make, the time and place. If you use your phone for browsing then the websites you visit, IP address and real world location is recorded. With this information it is possible
to map out exactly what you did in the last for example 3 months, including where and when you travelled, who you talked with.
The network providers will continue to retain all our personal data. Before the SIM card registration, Network providers only knew that a particular phone number called another phone number, but now that our names and addresses have been inputed into their database, they can confidently say: Mr. Michael (080…) called Mr. Abdul (070…) for 10 minutes and they said this and that! They can even play back a record of your conversation if need be. All text messages sent are also recorded. The only consolation is that not everybody has access to this information. Even the Police during an investigation will need to obtain a permit from a Judge before the Network providers can give them Customer private data.

The private data stored when ever  we make calls or browse maybe kept for several months, years or indefinitely, it all depends on the Country in question. So when next you pick your phone to call or browse, know that everything is been recorded. Modems used for browsing are also not left out in the recording. Well, if you do not have skeletons in your cupboard I do not think you will be bothered if someone else knew the content of your conversation. Later in the week I will be giving you tips on how to mask yourself if you do not wish to be recorded by your Service provider.  Cheers !!!
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