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The WORST Mistake in an Interview !!!

Never! Ever answer your Interviewer " I don't know", you should have it at the back of your mind that the Interviewer expects you to know the answer to the question that is why you are being asked! A graduate of Accounting cannot be asked the quantum physics behind the flying of an airplane or movement of a bulldozer. Even if you don't  know, just try.
For example one of my friends (accounting graduate) was asked this question

"what is the role of interest rates in the economy"? He had graduated from school 8 years ago and was dumbfounded ! Well, he just started by defining what Interest rate was and from the definition he just started talking left, right, centre, up, down and saying any thing that came to his mind. At the end, the Interviewer was convinced he had an idea about the topic. When he later got the job and had the opportunity of checking his scores, he discovered that he scored 6/10 in that question. Imagine if he had said " I don't know" that is equal to 0/10.

Remember before going for an interview, check your facebook account and remove those pictures that do not portray you in a good light. Companies that value good Corporate Image would not want to work with people who:
* Post nude pics of themselves or their friends on facebook.
* Post activities that they do in their present jobs everyday on facebook, it means you can't keep your work life confidential.
* Pictures of you and your friends competing in an alcohol drinking competition.

Rather put pictures of you at your Office doing your job, or you and your kids on a vacation etc.
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I am not saying any body has a right to question your life style, but ask your self this question : Would I employ somebody I have not met before but I have seen his/her nude pics on facebook ???

You may consider adjusting your Privacy settings to regulate the amount of information people who are not your Friends can view when they search your profile on facebook. Cheers!!


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