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Public Transport 2020

This car was designed by Marcel Zuziak as his university MSc thesis project.The public Transport 2020 concept is that all cars will be fully automated electrical cars. All you need do is to hail one to stop for you to enter by using maybe your mobile phone or computer, when the car stops you just enter. Each car will be connected to the city-wide navigation system, this means you will have to input the address where you want to go. If you later


Don't Ever, Ever board Vehicle at the Road Side !!!

My neighbour’s friend travelled from Gombe State to Jos in Plateau state. This would have been a routine journey for her as she is a business woman. On this fateful Sunday, instead of going to the motor park as usual, she decided to stand by the road side to board a station wagon from Gombe to Jos. She flagged down the car and it stopped. Madam where you dey go? the driver asked. I am going to Jos, she answered. The driver then asked her to enter and that he too is going to Jos. Mean while there were three other men in the Car. One was sleeping, the other reading newspaper while the other one even came out and helped to put her load in the boot.

Immediately they started the journey the man who helped her started jisting with her. He complained about his bad luck in life with women. The first love of his life at age of 23 left him for a richer man. The second woman eloped with one of his friends and the present one is giving him sleepless nights with her drinking and chasing of men both single and married. After sometime the woman said she could not understand herself again as she felt weak and sleepy. The man then asked her to give him her two phones (Blackberry and Nokia) which she did. He then collected her hand bag and started ransacking it. She was just watching him like a movie. She could not shout or move !!! It was then that


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