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Public Transport 2020

This car was designed by Marcel Zuziak as his university MSc thesis project.The public Transport 2020 concept is that all cars will be fully automated electrical cars. All you need do is to hail one to stop for you to enter by using maybe your mobile phone or computer, when the car stops you just enter. Each car will be connected to the city-wide navigation system, this means you will have to input the address where you want to go. If you later
have a change of mind as to where you want to go, you can still press a button in the car to change the place you want to go. Abuja is already on a "City-wide intelligent navigation system" and that is why when you are moving within Abuja, your phone will be showing you the names of the areas you are in e.g Maitama, Asokoro, Wuse 2, Garki etc. I don't know if this feature is available in Lagos and Portharcourt, if it is, please tell us in the comment form below.

Once the desired destination is inputed into the car, it then moves the occupants of the car to the destination. The beauty of this is that since the car drives itself, the passengers will be free to make calls, watch movies, read, browse, sleep, eat, jist, etc. this beautiful robot cars can accomodate up to four adults in it. So if you are new in a town and wish to go sight-seeing in Abuja in year 2020, you will find this very useful.

This is why I am always sad when I see other countries making good inventions that will better the lives of their people in the near future, while our Nigerian people are busy killing one another in the quest for power and relevance. Tomorrow, this man's country will begin to produce and export this robot cars and I assure you our Nigerian Polilooters, sorry Politicians will be the first to buy them. God save Nigeria.

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