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Want to have TWINS ? Read this

Twins are fascinating. They've been the subject of myth and mystery and a source of curiosity to many. Twins are one of the many mysteries, joys, and wonders of pregnancy. Even those who know twins or have them in the family may have some questions about them. Have you ever wondered what causes twins or whether they have their own language? These were the questions I thought of before starting this fact-finding mission.

Pamela Prindle says : "No one is quite sure why, but the Yoruba tribe in West Africa has the highest rate


Opinion Poll on President Goodluck

Today we are conducting a poll to see how the President has performed so far. You can participate by choosing any of the options and  then clicking "VOTE".
You can also immediately view the results of the poll by clicking "VIEW RESULTS". Happy voting!!
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The National Open University of Nigeria

Have you ever been denied admission into a higher institution of learning? Have you always wanted a Degree, PGd, Masters degree but had no time to sit in a conventional classroom to obtain these qualifications. Have you seen any job vacancy for which a clause in the requirements is " possession of a Masters Degree will be an added advantage"? Look no further! The "National Open University of Nigeria"(NOUN) is your solution. This is an Institution of higher learning with


Ever heard of Shoe that charges phone?

  24 year old Anthony Mutua has developed technology that allows people to charge their mobile phones with their shoes.The main part of the product is an extremely thin crystal chip which generates electricity when put under certain pressure for instance walking and running. As a person walks he/she


What to do when facebook photos turn sideways

Yesterday one of my friends called me and complained that any picture he snaps with his camera and uploads on facebook always turns sideways. This issue was making him uncomfortable because he is a marketer and imagine trying to promote a company's product and when you upload the picture of the product, it turns sideways. The potential customers will then have to bend sideways before seeing the product clearly. I doubt if he will get any customers for such products due to poor marketing. Well, if you have encountered such a problem on facebook, the solution is very simple. Just follow the steps below:


How to ask a Question

It is a recognized fact that two people can each ask for the same thing, but one will succeed where the other fails simply because he plans his words a little better. I was once told a story of a monk in a monastery that clearly illustrates this point which I am going to share with you.

A monk on his first day in the monastry was being shown around. While on his tour, in a corner he noticed another monk smoking and praying. He was flabbergasted ! He went up to him and said , "Excuse me, I'm rather surprised to see what you are doing because I asked if I could smoke when I was praying and they said 'Certainly not' !!! "Ah, said the other monk, smiling, "You asked the question the wrong way round- I asked them, "Is it okay to pray when I'm smoking? And they said to me: "OF COURSE IT IS !"

I hope you get the point. It all matters how you ask the question.

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