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How to ask a Question

It is a recognized fact that two people can each ask for the same thing, but one will succeed where the other fails simply because he plans his words a little better. I was once told a story of a monk in a monastery that clearly illustrates this point which I am going to share with you.

A monk on his first day in the monastry was being shown around. While on his tour, in a corner he noticed another monk smoking and praying. He was flabbergasted ! He went up to him and said , "Excuse me, I'm rather surprised to see what you are doing because I asked if I could smoke when I was praying and they said 'Certainly not' !!! "Ah, said the other monk, smiling, "You asked the question the wrong way round- I asked them, "Is it okay to pray when I'm smoking? And they said to me: "OF COURSE IT IS !"

I hope you get the point. It all matters how you ask the question.

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