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Ever heard of Shoe that charges phone?

  24 year old Anthony Mutua has developed technology that allows people to charge their mobile phones with their shoes.The main part of the product is an extremely thin crystal chip which generates electricity when put under certain pressure for instance walking and running. As a person walks he/she
generates pressure that in turn generates energy, when he/she gets to their destination they can then sit down and charge their mobile phone or other similar devices.

A thin cable connects the shoe to a pocket where the phone is, so that people can charge their phones even while walking. Phones could also be charged after walking as the chip can hold electricity for a short time.With the exception of bathroom slippers, the chip can be inserted inside the sole of any shoe. The crystals can also be transferred to a new shoe so you should not be worried when your shoe starts to wear out.

Mr. Mutua has patented this innovation with the Kenya Industrial Property Institute and plans to start mass production.The technology is so promising that Kenya’s National Council of Science and Technology, which funded Mutua’s prototype, is bankrolling its commercial production. The Sunday Nation quotes Mutua as saying:“This and the possibility of a bigger market could eventually bring down the purchase price.”  Mr. Mutua presently charges 3,800 Kenyan shillings (approximately $44.50) per shoe with a two and a half year guarantee but not if the shoe is lost or stolen.

I contacted a friend who lives in Kenya to get the shoe charger, test it and get back to me. If it really works the way Mr. Mutua claims, then I will find a way of bringing and promoting this product in Nigeria. I will let you all know when I get more information from my Kenyan contact.

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  1. wow, this is interesting, please keep me posted.


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