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The National Open University of Nigeria

Have you ever been denied admission into a higher institution of learning? Have you always wanted a Degree, PGd, Masters degree but had no time to sit in a conventional classroom to obtain these qualifications. Have you seen any job vacancy for which a clause in the requirements is " possession of a Masters Degree will be an added advantage"? Look no further! The "National Open University of Nigeria"(NOUN) is your solution. This is an Institution of higher learning with

no borders. It means if you can read, comprehend what you have read, do some research in libraries or on the internet on your own and successfully pass your exams, then you are worthy of a certificate from NOUN. Gone are the days when people had to resign from their jobs because they wanted to get a degree or higher degree."The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) was established by the Federal Government in May 2002 in line with the provisions of the National Open University Act 25 of 1983".

For heaven sake, do not allow people discourage you because the Americans, Chinese, Japanese, English have these programs in their countries so why should my Naija be an exception. When National Examinations Council of Nigeria (NECO) was founded, many people refused to associate with them, in fact, Universities then refused to allow it as a pre-requisite for admission. But today it is accepted every where because it is also backed by an Act of the National Assembly of Nigeria.

I am sure by now you are wondering whether I am a student of NOUN? Yes, I enrolled for a Masters in Business Administration, so hurry now to the study center closest to you. Remember that if there is need for you to leave the state where you started the programme, you can always apply for a change of study center. A study center is where you write your exams and get information related to your course of study.

The following links will be of immense help to those who want to know more about NOUN.
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