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What to do when facebook photos turn sideways

Yesterday one of my friends called me and complained that any picture he snaps with his camera and uploads on facebook always turns sideways. This issue was making him uncomfortable because he is a marketer and imagine trying to promote a company's product and when you upload the picture of the product, it turns sideways. The potential customers will then have to bend sideways before seeing the product clearly. I doubt if he will get any customers for such products due to poor marketing. Well, if you have encountered such a problem on facebook, the solution is very simple. Just follow the steps below:

1. Login to facebook

2. Click on your "PHOTOS" so that you can view all the photos uploaded into your facebook account.

3. Click on the photo that is turned sideways.The picture will become big with a black background. Just bring your cursor down to the end of the photo,you will see: 'Tag Photo','Options','Share','Like'

4. Click on "Options" you will now see "ROTATE LEFT" and "ROTATE RIGHT", Click the one that best suits your problem.

5. Click outside the photo and the change will take effect. You can then refresh your page to see that the photo has taken the new position you set for it.

6. Come back to this blog and write a comment whether it worked for you or not.

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