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Check your BMI before it harms you

Body mass index ( BMI ) is an indirect measure of a person's body fat. Knowing your BMI status is a must for every body. If you are Obese you stand the risk of getting heart attacks, high blood pressure and various fat related ailments. The formula does not vary for adults and kids, as is the same for males and females. You can calculate it on your own or go to a hospital where they will charge you just to do the same thing (that's if you have too much money).

The formula below is used to calculate BMI index:

Weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared (weight (kg) / [height (m)] 2 ).

Height is commonly measured in centimeters, so divide your height in centimeters by 100 to obtain height in meters. An example of calculating BMI using the formula where Height = 165 cm (1.65 m), Weight = 80 kg is shown below:
BMI Calculation therefore is  80 ÷ (1.58) 2 = 25.32

BMI Scale Classification
18.5 or less    -   Underweight   
18.5 to 24.99 -   Normal Weight   
25 to 29.99    -    Overweight   
30 to 34.99    -  Obesity -Level 1   
35 to 39.99     - Obesity -Level 2   
40 or greater   -  Morbid Obesity

The figures I used above relate to my own BMI, and as you can see I am overweight! This is the combined efforts of eating Pounded Yam, everyday (don't blame me, I'm a Tiv man) and sitting down working for long hours at the Office. I have started an intensive workout programme that comprises early morning jogging and sit-ups. Your BMI may or may not be different from mine so please and please CHECK YOUR BMI to avoid stories that touch the heart in the future. If you have an iphone, you can download and install the phone application  here (

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