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Make your Android Phone faster by clearing phone memory

Due to the multi tasking nature of Android devices which allows you to use many applications at the same time, the phones tend to store data in phone memory. When this data becomes much, it affect the speed and processing time of operations. You suddenly realize that your phone that used to be fast has become slow. Not to worry, today I am going to show you how to Make your Android Phone faster by clearing phone memory.


How to cure bumps that are behind the head

Bumps on the head of a man is something that is better imagined than experienced. If you have never had them, you may not know the kind of embarrassment, it causes to people. A friend who had these bumps cured of recent could not hide his relief when he opened up to me what he had been going through for years.


Never Miss a Call again on Mtn by doing this

With "MTN Who Called" and "Notify Me, MTN keeps you up to date with calls you missed while your phone was switched off or unreachable while also sending you an SMS message when a number you could not reach becomes available.
The SMS message will contain


How to save PES2012 goal Replays for later viewing

When I told my friend that I scored his team (AC Milan) 15-0 on PES2012, he did not believe me. He said I was pulling his legs. If only I had recorded the goals, I wonder how he would have reacted. Well, today I am going to show you how to save replays of PES2012 on Android. When you


Tecno Phantom F7 Android phone Specifications/ Features

The Tecno Phantom is a sophisticated and fast machine aimed at getting the job done and also entertaining people. The specifications/features of Tecno Phantom will simply blow you away. Check them out.


How I made my First Android Application without any knowledge of Coding

I made my first Android Application without being a Computer programmer or knowing anything about Coding. I love trying new things and so when I discovered this site, I immediately created my app Baba2023. You can download it HERE and install to see how it works.


Are you a real FAN? Do you know your team's anthem?

I was at a viewing centre to watch Chelsea take on Manchester United in the premier league (second leg). A chelsea fan accused another chelsea fan of supporting a yellow card awarded against Chelsea. The accused guy then challenged the other fan to sing the Chelsea anthem before accusing him of anti-fan behaviour. I had not heard any teams' anthem before despite supporting teams in the English league for over 7 years. I did some research and here are the anthems of major clubs:
Click on the name of your club to watch the anthem.


Watch Mbc, Mbc2, CNN, BBC, SkySports etc on Android

I promised yesterday to show you how to watch mbc, mbc2, SkySport, BBC, CNN etc on Android today and I am going to do just that. Do the following:


Watch Premier League matches LIVE on Android

I love the English Premier league very much and I follow most of the key matches. Some times when I am at work and cannot go to a viewing center, I use my Tecno Android phone to watch matches LIVE. I am presently watching the FIFA Confederations Cup with it. Follow the steps below to set up your Android phone to watch matches:


Half Phone + Half Camera = Samsung galaxy s4 zoom Cameraphone

 The Samsung galaxy s4 zoom boasts of a 10x optical zoom, 16-megapixel CMOS sensor. Users can take up to 4 photographs per second! Jaw dropping features that set this Cameraphone on another level are:


Nigeria at the Confederations Cup - Fixtures

The Fifa Confederations cup is here (June 2013) and Nigeria will be representing Africa in Brazil. The Nigerian team have reconciled their differences with the NFA over match payment bonuses. The NFA before now had claimed they were broke after the team drew 1-1 with Namibia. The timetable for the various matches is displayed below:


My favourite Bulk SMS website

The best Customized Bulk SMS sending website from my experience is Xwireless. Being an events organizer, there is always need for me to send text messages for clients, friends and even my church Association when ever an event or ceremony is to take place. The best way to remind people is through customized SMS. The numerous advantages of xwireless bulk SMS are:


How to save a message as draft on Android phone

This may seem easy for some people but someone emailed me that unlike nokia phones that can be easily manipulated to save messages as draft, Android was the opposite.
Well, I also had the same problem when i first handled my Android phone. In fact I stumbled on it by accident. Follow the steps below to save your messages as draft.


Your Android phone has this scary picture in it (Gingerbread)

A friend told me that there is a zombie picture in the Android operating system of every phone. Initially, I waved him off with a look of disdain. I felt he was being jealous of my newly acquired tecno p3. Nevertheless, my inquisitive mind forced me to ask him to


Saka will return to Etisalat after 90 days -CEO

If you have been watching Nigerian Television these days you will know that Saka (Hafiz Oyetoro) has left Etisalat and is now with Mtn through PORTING. What is news however is that the Chief Executive Officer of Etisalat Mr. Steve Evans has declared that Saka will return to Etisalat after 90 days! You can watch the


How to Install PES 2012 on Android phone

I just installed PES 2012 on my Tecno P3 and thought I should share the game with you all. PES2012 comes with 2 file that need to be downloaded.

How to BUY android apps on google play in Nigeria

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention and I proved this proverb right. I wanted a screen recorder for my Tecno p3, so that I can record what is happening on my phone's screen especially when I want to create tutorial videos. I


BEWARE: Liberty Reserve is Closed !!!

Liberty reserve has been shut down!!! I just can not imagine the extent

Mtn Free N400 credit Bonanza

Mtn is giving out N400 free credit to its customers for updating their SIM card information. If at the time of your SIM card registration, there were some vital information that were not gotten from you, you may get an SMS from 799 asking you to update your information.  I had to call Mtn Customer care (180) to verify the text before replying and they told me it was from Mtn. This is the SMS sent to me:

          Yello! Your SIM registration information is incomplete, 
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