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BEWARE: Liberty Reserve is Closed !!!

Liberty reserve has been shut down!!! I just can not imagine the extent
of damage and untold hard ship this will cause on Nigerians who use Liberty Reserve as a means of making payments and also receiving payments for services and goods legally rendered.

I had just $5 in my account but think of exchangers like, goldexchange, fastenaira, and a lot of other nigerian exchangers (people who change Naira to Liberty Reserve dollars). It means all the Liberty Reserve dollars in their possession is useless !

Some people are saying Liberty reserve assisted hackers and cyber criminals to launder over 6 billion dollars since when it was launched in 2006. Drug lords, bank robbers, gamblers and human traffickers are among the black sheep that have made the United States government to suspend its operations.

Liberty Reserve does not ask for correct details from its customers and as such when fraudulent transactions need to be traced, it becomes difficult.

Presently, If you go to liberty reserve website, you will see the picture above. I pray that the issue should be resolved quickly as this is the best and easiest way to transfer money online in Nigeria. What do you think? Will they ever come back?

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