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How I made my First Android Application without any knowledge of Coding

I made my first Android Application without being a Computer programmer or knowing anything about Coding. I love trying new things and so when I discovered this site, I immediately created my app Baba2023. You can download it HERE and install to see how it works.

For Blog or Website
1. Enter
3. If you have a website or blog, Click WEBSITE
4. Insert your website/blog url in the box.
5  Give a name for your app
6. Insert the description of your app. This is what people will see before they download your application. So write something reasonable.
7.Upload your icon. The icon is the image that will be visible when the app is installed on a phone. It must be 72 pixels by 72 pixels. If you do not know how to convert your image to 72 x 72 pixels, use the comment form below and I will help you out.
8. Screen Orientation, LEAVE it on Auto.
9. Category- choose the category your app falls into.
Finally, click CREATE APP.

It takes you to Step 2
Put your first name, last name, email, password that you will be using to access in the future.Click submit.

You will now be taken to the Dashboard where you can download your application and also see the link your friends and fans can use if they wish to download the app.

See: Play PES 2012 on Android including Tecno
        Root Tecno P3 and N3

For Document e.g pdf, doc
1. Enter
4. Choose the pdf or word document you wish to convert into an app
5. Give a name for your app and follow the remaining steps above from No.6 down to the end.

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  1. broda na which app cn i used download pes sd file my ucweb dey 4ck up

  2. broda na which app cn i used download pes sd file my ucweb dey 4ck up

    1. Go to play store and download Dolphin browser Mini. Or type this in your browser

      It is one of the best browsers people are using now.

    2. Pls bro..Is there anyway I can hook Ɣφυ up probably ask Ɣφυ some personal message bro?

  3. Nick baba...thanks 4 all your response...I respect Ɣφυ bro.

  4. I wanna get a techno n9 tab....bur d dealer sed it aint comin wit d power dat true plssss???????

  5. Does the app fetch content from website? If i have a website/blog, will the app be able to fetch the latest content from my blog and show it?
    And does this work using RSS or is it some other method?

  6. Pally my techno n7 stoped playing online vedios evendough I have data, the vedio players just keps on loding for ever, pls how do I rectify this


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