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How to BUY android apps on google play in Nigeria

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention and I proved this proverb right. I wanted a screen recorder for my Tecno p3, so that I can record what is happening on my phone's screen especially when I want to create tutorial videos. I
tried different types and finally settled for the best which is asc video screen recorder.

The problem however was that after 5 seconds of video recording or 5 snap shots of my phone's screen it will tell me that I have exhausted my trial limit for the day and I should wait for 2 days before using it again or BUY the app. I went online looking for how to pay for google apps in Nigeria since the amount was denominated in dollars($6.40). I searched every where on the internet and could not get information on how to buy google apps in Nigeria.

I remembered that I once heard about GTBank Naira Master Card being used for online transactions, and I tried it... IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!!!! I was surprised.  Immediately the trial restriction was removed and I started using the app unlimitedly. The steps I used are below:

1. First login to google wallet. You will see:Transactions, Payment Methods, Reviews, Subscriptions, Devices.
2. Click on "Payment Methods"
3 Click Add Debit or Credit Card
4 Input your Gtbank card number, it is the 12 digit number in front of your GTbank Naira Mastercard.
5. Input Expiration date.
6. Input Security code (CVC), it is the last 3 digits behind your GTbank Naira Mastercard e.g 5054 142. It means 142 is the CVC.
7. You can now click SAVE. If you see the following picture it means your card has been accepted!

You can can now launch the application on your phone and click the BUY option, it will take you to your wallet account and ask for your google password. That is all. You may need to restart your phone so that the application will start up as a paid app.  Do you know any other way to pay for google apps in Nigeria? Please let us know.

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  1. Bros, I dey hailil ur level. You too much.See how you just cure my problem one time. I don dey search tey tey fot this Info. Tuwale baba, I sampe 4 you ooooo

    1. Thanks Segun for visiting. Pls do not make such transactions in an Internet Cafe as your Master Card details are not safe there. Thanks

  2. So a visa card wont work? How about the issue of postal code? What do i use for lagos nigeria?

    1. You can check this website for the postal code of your Area. Click ,HERE

  3. hello there, gud day pls i read ur blog post nd it was so much useful 2 me but pls i would luv if u can ans dis ffw questions about the play store as i jus got a samsung galaxy s2 nd a note 8.0 tablet nd need 2 know more about play store purchases in nigeria
    can skye bank debit nairamastercard work da same way ?
    are payments or transactions done in dollars or naira?
    can i transfer money to the card frm my account?
    what is google wallet balance nd is it available in naija?
    can i ship items from da store?

    1. 1. I have not tried Skyebank naira master card. Ask the bank or try it and let us know your experience

      2. For Gtb Naira master card, the money in your account is in Naira but Gtb converts it to dollars for you.

      3. You can transfer money to the account in the normal way you deposit Naira into your account. It is just like any normal account in Gtb. Savings or Current Account holders are entitled to NAIRA MASTER CARD.

      4. Google wallet is not available to Nigerians for now. Last time I checked they were still testing it in the US

  4. gud day, pls i read ur blog nd would like to ask if first bank debit mastercard can also be used for in-app and purchasin of apps?
    what is google wallet nd can i access it in nigeria bcos my friends talk bout it a lot?
    can i use a credit card for purchase

    1. Try it and see. But first go to First bank and apply for online banking. Then ask them to increase your transaction limit to at least 10,000 Naira

  5. wat's d max download for nigeria local app content?

  6. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for this post. It came in very handy. I used my UBA Africard though and it was accepted.
    Keep up the good work bro!

  7. My Diamond Visa card was working but early this 2016 it stopped working.Even first bank mastercard returns invalid. Does GTB card still work as at today 16th June 2016?

    1. I am not sure , but test it and let us know. Thanks


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