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How to cure bumps that are behind the head

Bumps on the head of a man is something that is better imagined than experienced. If you have never had them, you may not know the kind of embarrassment, it causes to people. A friend who had these bumps cured of recent could not hide his relief when he opened up to me what he had been going through for years.

People recommended traditional medicine, medical operation, prayers and different ointments. All these did not work. But the medicine that cured him of these wicked bumps costs just N150 !!!! Yes, I mean “One hundred and Fifty Naira only”. When someone recommended the cream to him, I asked him: how can N150 cream cure what you used thousands of naira looking for the cure?

Well, he went ahead and used the cream and to God be the glory, what was a constant source of embarrassment to him today is no more. The name of the cream is EPIDERM CREAM. I  am not a medical person so will not be able to give the components of this wonder cream but I have seen this cream in action, recommended it to other people and it worked for them.

     How to Use
1. Wash the affected part of the head, with warm water and wipe off with a clean cloth.
2.  Apply the cream to your hand like Vaseline and rub on affected part.
3.  Apply at least twice a day i.e morning and evening for a week or two depending on how severe the bumps are.

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Remember that bumps are transferable, especially through clippers at the barber’s shop. If you have someone around you that has bumps, please tell him of this cream and let us know the result. Due to these kinds of infections, I bought a personal clipper which I have been using for the past 6 years now. I suggest you too do the same.

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  1. Hello,
    Please where can I get this cream?
    Here's my contact 07052423182
    Thank you

  2. Hello,
    Please where can I get this cream?
    Here's my contact:
    Thank you

  3. You can get this cream in any chemist or pharmacy. Thanks


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