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How to save a message as draft on Android phone

This may seem easy for some people but someone emailed me that unlike nokia phones that can be easily manipulated to save messages as draft, Android was the opposite.
Well, I also had the same problem when i first handled my Android phone. In fact I stumbled on it by accident. Follow the steps below to save your messages as draft.

1. Write the message you want to save.
2. In space on top where you insert Recepient number, you can put any number there e.g 5
3 Exit the messages application, you will see that the Phone will store your message as a Draft.

The trick here is that if the Recipient box on top is empty, the phone thinks it is not a serious message and as such when you exit the message application, it does not save it! But when a number is inserted, the reverse is the case. Try it and let me know your result.

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  1. Woo! This is great, It works for me now,

  2. I'm glad it did, thanks for visiting.

  3. thank you. how to transfer the draft message to a specific file in memeory or in micro sd card?


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