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How to save PES2012 goal Replays for later viewing

When I told my friend that I scored his team (AC Milan) 15-0 on PES2012, he did not believe me. He said I was pulling his legs. If only I had recorded the goals, I wonder how he would have reacted. Well, today I am going to show you how to save replays of PES2012 on Android. When you
score a goal in PES2012, and the replay is being shown to you, you will see the screen below

Just click on the RED button at the top right hand corner of the screen, and you will get this message REPLAY SAVED. That's all.

 When you want to watch the saved replay:

1. Start the game and get to this stage, see pic.

Scroll to the left untill you see GALLERY.

2. Click on Gallery, you will see Trophies, Replay and Credits. Click on REPLAY. See Pic

3. You will now see the Replay Gallery like the pic below, the date, match and time the goals were scored is also shown here.

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4. After the TIME column, there is a box with a small triangle in it. Click on it to watch a particular replay.

5. If you want to delete a replay, click on "X" which is at the end of the line and you will be asked DELETE REPLAY? Click YES to confirm delete or NO to leave it.

6. You can click BACK to go the TROPHIES section where you will see all the available cups to be won. The cups that show clearly are the cups you have won, and the others that look blurred are yet to be won. I have won 2 cups already. see the pic below

I play this game a lot during my spare time. The graphics and sounds are wonderful. Remember that PES means Pro Evolution Soccer. Your comments below are welcome.

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