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My favourite Bulk SMS website

The best Customized Bulk SMS sending website from my experience is Xwireless. Being an events organizer, there is always need for me to send text messages for clients, friends and even my church Association when ever an event or ceremony is to take place. The best way to remind people is through customized SMS. The numerous advantages of xwireless bulk SMS are:

1. Relatively cheap compared to other websites.
2. "Number Extractor"- with this if you have a typed document that contains phone numbers and other
words, the Number Extractor will extract only phone numbers for you and leave the other words, so that you can send text messages to the numbers.
3. You can buy SMS units from them using 4 easy ways:
   *GTBank Direct deposit
   *Zenith Bank Direct deposit
   *GTPay (Using your ATM Card online)
4. Fast and reliable support when you have problems.
5. You can become a Reseller- that is have your website under them, where people can buy SMS from
6. Excel SMS plugin which allows you to use Excel to send SMS to multiple recipients.
7. Instant text message delivery to recipients.
8. Scheduling text messages to be sent on a later date and option for resending after a particular period.
9. You can set Auto-reply so that people that send you text messages will be immediately replied with your preset message.
10. You can view your SMS history to see what you have been sending to people.
11. There is xwireless Android app at google play store

There are many numerous advantages for using Xwireless, so go ahead and register for a new account with them. Do you know a better Bulk SMS website? Please share it with us.

An example of a message received from Baba2023
Remember that SMS means Short Messaging Service.

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