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Never Miss a Call again on Mtn by doing this

With "MTN Who Called" and "Notify Me, MTN keeps you up to date with calls you missed while your phone was switched off or unreachable while also sending you an SMS message when a number you could not reach becomes available.
The SMS message will contain
information about the calls you missed or numbers you could not reach and will be sent to your mobile phone as soon as your mobile number becomes available or as soon as the number you attempted to call becomes available.

An Example of "MTN Who called" is you get a text message saying:
Y’ello! You have 1 missed call from +234803225100 received at: 03:04:2013 10:56:18

Example of  "MTN Notify me" is you get a message saying:
Y’ello! +234803225100 is now available. You may now dial the number.

To activate "Notify Me":
Send an SMS with SET 01 to 100. The service is free.

To activate "Who Called":
Send an SMS with SET 02 to 100. The service is free.

To check your if you already have the service:
Text the word STATUS to 100. You will receive the following message: Y’ello! 803xxxxxxx has an active Who Called service. Thank you. (The service is free).

To delete your call alert services:
You will receive the following message: Y’ello! 803xxxxxxx request to deactivate Who Called service was successful. Thank you.(The service is free).

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 Under what condition will you receive MTN Call alert?
If you have activated MTN Who Called service on your mobile number, you will receive an SMS message in the following conditions:

*When your phone is switched off or out of coverage area.

 *When there are network issues leading to your number being unreachable.

 *When a number you attempted to call becomes available on the MTN network.

Feel free to try then Text STATUS to 100 so as to confirm if it worked.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I tried it and it worked. Keep it up bro

  2. please i need to know how to suscribe for mtn unlimited service using an android phone

  3. what is other way to do this because is not working again........


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