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Nigeria at the Confederations Cup - Fixtures

The Fifa Confederations cup is here (June 2013) and Nigeria will be representing Africa in Brazil. The Nigerian team have reconciled their differences with the NFA over match payment bonuses. The NFA before now had claimed they were broke after the team drew 1-1 with Namibia. The timetable for the various matches is displayed below:

Date Country vs Country Time
June 15 Brazil vs Japan 16 00
June 16 Mexico vs Italy 16 00
June 19 Brazil vs Mexico 16 00
June 19 Italy vs Japan 19 00
June 22 Italy vs Brazil 16 00
June 22 Japan vs Mexico 16 00

Nigeria is in the second group 
Date Country vs Country Time
June 16 Spain vs Uruguay 19 00
June 17 Tahiti vs Nigeria 16 00
June 20 Spain vs Tahiti 16 00
June 20 Nigeria vs Uruguay 19 00
June 23 Nigeria vs Spain 16 00
June 23 Uruguay vs Tahiti 16 00
I wish the Super Eagles luck, we can do it, after all no body gave us a chance in the Nations Cup in SouthAfrica.
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