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Watch Mbc, Mbc2, CNN, BBC, SkySports etc on Android

I promised yesterday to show you how to watch mbc, mbc2, SkySport, BBC, CNN etc on Android today and I am going to do just that. Do the following:

1.Download sybla tv HERE
2. Enter google market on your phone and Install Mx player.
3. Enter google market and Install Mx player Codec (ARMv6 VFP) or any one you see there.

Restart your phone so that the installations will work properly.

**Start Sybla tv, the first page you see looks like the picture below in Step 1.You can scroll down to see multiple channels for movies.

See: Watch Premier League LIVE on Android including Tecno
**Swipe the page to the right, it will take you to the SPORTS page in Step 2. You can also scroll down for more  channels.

**Swipe the page to the right again, it will take you to NEWS page in Step 3.

There are many channels in Sybla Tv and they are all FREE !

Later, I will show you how to make an Android application for your blog without knowing any Coding language. Download my first Android Application (Baba2023) HERE and check it out. If you know a better way of watching these premium channels free? Let us know.

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  1. I have done everything as instructed but it's not working for me. Does it require 3G networks

    1. Which error do you get or what happens when you start the application?

  2. sir its nor working for me oh......ita showing application,sybly not responding FORCE TO STOP OR WAIT..,.thogh no 3g for where i dey for now....

    1. Well, If the network is bad,the app will open and then say NO INTERNET CONNECTION DETECTED.
      It is not supposed to be crashing.

      Off your phone and ON it again, then try it let us see.

  3. it worked bur skip alot....may b its d netwk....tank alot oh....may God bless using p3 android incase any goodies about it am always alert....

  4. Wow guy you much.....I need pes 2013


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