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Your Android phone has this scary picture in it (Gingerbread)

A friend told me that there is a zombie picture in the Android operating system of every phone. Initially, I waved him off with a look of disdain. I felt he was being jealous of my newly acquired tecno p3. Nevertheless, my inquisitive mind forced me to ask him to
prove his point. He took my phone and voila! There it was! A very odd looking, ugly and scary picture.
Why would I want such a picture in my phone? I checked other Android phones and they all had this scary picture.  Follow these steps if you want to see the picture
1. Go to "Settings", click on "About phone"
2. Scroll down untill you see "Android version"
3. Click on Android Version and hold for 2 seconds, then remove your finger quickly and then tap the same Android Version about 6 times in quick succession untill you see the picture.

If google, the owner of Android put this picture there, what do they stand to gain? Why hide it where people will hardly ever know it exist? Are there other weird looking pictures in Android? All these questions are begging for answers. If you have any answers please we need them.

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  1. I was shocked when I tried it and saw the picture.

  2. Atleast L3 doesnt have that scary picture. It has the one called jelly bean which is not very bad.


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