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Hide your Videos, Music, Files, Messages on Android

Do you have any videos, photos, file or documents you do not want other people to see in your Android phone? Then this article is for you. Many times we keep record of embarrassing things in our phones that we pray other people will never see. We therefore refuse to allow even our close friends go through our phones. Well, as usual I have something to show you that will make only YOU access things on your phone that you have termed "SECRET". Do this if you want to hide videos, pictures, files on android:


Inserting Privacy policy, About Us, and Contact Us at footer of blog

Inserting your Privacy policy, About Us, and Contact Us at the footer of your blog is one of the important things to do if a blogger intends to get approval for adsense these days. Who knows if this could just be the simple reason why your adsense application was rejected. You have to do the following:


Unzip files on Android phone without a Computer

When I published the post on how to install PES 2012 on Android, people kept calling and asking why and how to UNZIP the folders. Most people did not have access to a Computer or Laptop and so could not unzip the files. Here is a tutorial on how you can unzip files on an Android phone.


Tecno L3 phone specifications and Price

Tecno is at it again. An Android phone with 4 Gig Internal Memory? This phone is a combination of N3, P3, and F7. This is just wonderful. They just released this phone under the  "L series". The Tecno L3 is the first of its kind under this new label. This shows that Tecno intends to continue leading the cheap Android phones war. Check out the specification/ features of Tecno L3 below:


Turn Off Start up sounds in Tecno phones

Tecno phones always make annoying sounds when you ON or OFF them. The sound can embarrass someone. Today I will show you how to stop those sounds. There are basically two ways to turn off start up sound on Tecno phones.  The method for ROOTED phones and the one for NON-ROOTED phones. 


Block applications from auto connecting to the Internet on Android

When your phone credit begins to reduce without you using it to browse or make calls, know that some applications are connecting to the internet without your permission. Apart from the data usage, your battery will also run down frequently. My friend complained of this recently and I had to find him a solution which I am going to share with you today. Follow these steps to block applications from auto connecting to the Internet:


Add Facebook Like box to your Blog

 Adding Facebook like box to your blog is one of the easiest things to do. A blog without followers is like a school without students. Follow these steps to add a facebook like box to your blog:


Tecno N9 aka Phatom PAD specifications/ features

Tecno N9 aka Phantom PAD is a new tablet from Tecno. Apart from the obvious uses of a tablet, you can use it for calls and sending text messages. I believe Tecno is trying to get a larger market share of costly phones after winning the war on cheap phones. The features/ specifications of Tecno N9 are:


Two teams score 79 and 67 goals in one football match

How can a football match end 79-0 !!! Or even 67-0. But as they say : "wonders shall never end". In a bid to secure promotion into the Nigeria National wide league


Make your Computer fast by doing these steps

"My computer is very slow" is a common complaint of Computer and Laptop owners.
PC and Laptops store a lot of information, most of which we are not even aware they stored. After a while your once swift pegasus (computer) becomes slow and dull. After using computers and laptops for many years, I have stated below things you need to do to make your computer faster.


Remote Control your Computer or Laptop from any part of the world

The ability to work on your PC or Laptop when you are not close to it is a wonderful experience. When you can do this using your Laptop, Android phone (e.g tecno) or any Computer,  it becomes AMAZING !!!
Today I will show you how to copy files, play music, read documents from your computer that is not with you.This is known as remote control. Imagine helping your friends to do work on their computer in Lagos when you are actually in Abuja !!!


Send Movies, Pics, Files on Facebook free

This new innovation from facebook allows you to send videos, files, music etc to your friends on facebook. It goes to show that facebook is committed to giving its users a better experience in terms of sharing stuff online. The name of this awesome and wonderful app is


Make free Calls and send free text messages with Viber

Download VIBER from google play store to make free calls and send free text messages. It makes use of your internet connection just like whatsapp. The contacts (phone numbers) that are in your phone are automatically updated in Viber.


Send pictures through Chat box on facebook while chatting

Facebook has added a new feature to facebook chat that makes it easy  share photos while chatting. When I observed the feature, I quickly tested it with a friend. It is meant for sending only IMAGES. I tried sending a video file
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