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Block applications from auto connecting to the Internet on Android

When your phone credit begins to reduce without you using it to browse or make calls, know that some applications are connecting to the internet without your permission. Apart from the data usage, your battery will also run down frequently. My friend complained of this recently and I had to find him a solution which I am going to share with you today. Follow these steps to block applications from auto connecting to the Internet:

First, Download Droidwall from google play store. The makers of this application say it can serve as a firewall to prevent/stop apps from connecting to Internet. It can also be used to stop your friends from using applications that consume data on your phone without your knowledge as the phone will ask them for a Password when they try to use it.

How to Use

► Click the app to open it.
► Look up and you will See the WHITE LIST/ BLACK LIST. Click on White List and it will change to Black List.
► You will also see that there are two boxes beside each application. The first box is for Wireless and the second is for 3G. You have to tick the two of them so that whether you are using your phone's internet data or Wireless service, the application you have chosen will be blocked from connecting automatically.

► When you have finished ticking the boxes for the applications you want to block, press OPTION button and click on FIREWALL ENABLE.
► Click on OPTION again, then click APPLY RULES.

Setting up Password

►Click OPTIONS, then click on MORE.
► Click SET PASSWORD. A box will show up. You can input your password and click OK. When next you start Droid wall it will ask you for password.

How to know Blocked Applications
If you want to see the which applications have been blocked by Droidwall, open the Menu and enable the Log. Droid wall will log each of the applications that are blocked i.e MORE, then SHOW LOG.

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  1. Can the application work with an unrooted phon?

  2. Hi nic,does the hotspot on l3 fit in to lpads ?

    1. Ipad will be able to browse with network from Android

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