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Hide your Videos, Music, Files, Messages on Android

Do you have any videos, photos, file or documents you do not want other people to see in your Android phone? Then this article is for you. Many times we keep record of embarrassing things in our phones that we pray other people will never see. We therefore refuse to allow even our close friends go through our phones. Well, as usual I have something to show you that will make only YOU access things on your phone that you have termed "SECRET". Do this if you want to hide videos, pictures, files on android:

1. Go to googleplay and download Hide it Pro. It is a free application.
2. Go to the Phone Menu and click the program to start. You may see it with a new name "Audio Manager". You will see some sliders and any body who does not know about the application will think it is for regulating the volume of the phone.

3. Press  and Hold on the Audio Manager (for 2 seconds) that is at the top of the application.
4. It will open and show you a PIN based or PASSWORD based.
-If you click PIN based, you will have to be using a set of 4 digits for your password e.g 2546.( you can put any password that is 4 digits)
-If you click PASSWORD based, you will be using words for your password e.g femi (you can put any password that is 4 letters)
5. A box will open for you to put your chosen password.
6. Click on SAVE.
7. A box will pop up for you to put your RECOVERY EMAIL address. If you ever forget your password, the application will send you an email reminding you of it. Put your email address and click SAVE.
8 . You will now see something saying it is setting up, the application will now take you back you back to the login screen.

1. Click on AUDIO MANAGER at the top of the app and hold, a box will pop up asking for your password.
2. The app will now open and you will see the screen below.

NOTE: There is a big ? sign at the top left corner that you can click when you have questions on this app. Alternatively you can use the comment form below and I will help you out.
3. (a)If you want to hide Video, Music, Picture, Application, Messages just click on it. e.g I want to hide       Video so I click on Videos.
    (b)You will see NEW ALBUM
    (c) Click on New Album and you will get a message "There are no files in here, tap here to add some".
    (d) Tap the + sign at the top left corner and it will open.You will now see all the Videos in your phone.        Click on the ones you wish to hide.
    (e)  In the picture below I have only one video, so I have clicked it.

      (f) Click on HIDE SELECTED FILES. It will bring up a box with New Album, just click OK. The video is now hidden.

You can now go to where you stored the video in your phone and check. You will not see it there again. But whenever you want to watch the video, just go to AUDIO MANAGER (Hide it Pro), click on it, put your password and watch it.
You can also hide Messages, files, music and apps using this process.

What to do if you are caught
Let's say your friend knows about Hide it pro and begins to accuse you of hiding things in your phone, you can escape by doing this.
Tell the person that you do not have secrets to hide then give the person the ESCAPE PASSWORD to login to the app. When anybody uses the ESCAPE PIN to login to Hide it Pro, the person will not see any thing there, the application vault will be EMPTY !!! But when you use your original Password to login, you will see all your hidden stuff.
How to Set Up Escape Password
1. When you login to the application, Click on SETTINGS (it is that gear wheel)
2. Click on LOGIN SETTINGS, then click on ESCAPE PASSWORD, you will see 2222. You can change it to any 4 digits of your choice. But it should be digits you can easily remember when ever you are caught !!!
3. Click CHANGE.
Go out of the app now and test if the escape pin is working.

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  2. you site is good my friend but the black background is a huge turn-off.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I will look into it

    2. you b fool for that comment,if you build ya own website make u turn am blue,idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. i love this site o boss. u r doin a great job, and u r version detailed i like yur style. bt pls how can i stop auto connection on a non rooted phone. the one u posted s for rooted devices

    1. It depends on the phone you are using. However go to SETTINGS, and click ACCOUNTS AND SYNCHRONIZE, you will see BACKGROUND DATA and AUTO SYNCHRONIZE. Remove the green TICKS there.

      But if you later want to Facebook, whatsapp, 2go, You will have to go to SETTINGS to TICKS those boxes again or else they will not work

  4. but why tecno d5 can't supporte skype?

    1. What error do you get when installing it?

  5. I can't access my sms on my Tecno a7. It just says " unfortunately messages has stopped"


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