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Make your Computer fast by doing these steps

"My computer is very slow" is a common complaint of Computer and Laptop owners.
PC and Laptops store a lot of information, most of which we are not even aware they stored. After a while your once swift pegasus (computer) becomes slow and dull. After using computers and laptops for many years, I have stated below things you need to do to make your computer faster.

* Spyware
Most computers are slow because of spyware. There are lots of programs to remove spywares. Some of these are:SUPERAntiSpyware, Ad-Aware and a host of others. Just google it. They will scan and alert you on potential threats.

*Defragment your disk regularly
When a file is saved continuosly on a system, it creates some gaps in the storage location between the "First Save" and the "Second Save". Click the "Start Menu" type "Defragment" in the Run space and complete the process.

*Wipe browser data
If you use google chrome or firefox and other browsers of thesame class, you will observe that when you start the browser, it opens all the pages you were last working on before the browser closed. Clear browser data by clicking "Control-Shift-Delete".

*Uninstall unused software
There are some softwares on our computers that you hardly use. May be we installed it because someone recommended it but have never used it. Some trial version software also come with registries, that is why if after the trial period, you uninstall and later install them they will refuse to work because there is a file telling them that the trial version was used on that computer before. Use "Revo uninstaller" to uninstall softwares as it removes even the registry files.

*Empty your Recycle Bin regularly
When ever you delete an item, it goes to the recycle bin except if you hold "Shift+Delete". After some time, the recyle bin size grows to a level that it begins to slow down your computer. Always check for files you may later need before emptying the recycle bin.

*Format your computer
if after trying everything it is still slow, just make a back up of your important documents and format the system. You can then reinstall window or whatever operating system of your choice. It turns your system into a new one.

*Update all of your drivers
You should also set windows to update automatically "Windows update". (Check your control panel) This will upgrade your system whenever hot fixes and updates are available.

These are not all the tips you can use to increase the speed of your computer, I will be updating this list regularly. You can add some tips you use on your system in the comment form below.

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