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Remote Control your Computer or Laptop from any part of the world

The ability to work on your PC or Laptop when you are not close to it is a wonderful experience. When you can do this using your Laptop, Android phone (e.g tecno) or any Computer,  it becomes AMAZING !!!
Today I will show you how to copy files, play music, read documents from your computer that is not with you.This is known as remote control. Imagine helping your friends to do work on their computer in Lagos when you are actually in Abuja !!!

Install Team Viewer on your PC or Laptop
Download and install Team Viewer for Windows from HERE
During installation the first page you see will bring 3 options
-Install to control this computer later form remote
-Run only
Choose the second option I highlighted in RED

How do you want to use Team Viewer?
Choose the second option i.e personal/non-commercial use

Click "Accept-Finish". The installation will now take place

*Once installation is complete a pop up picture of how team Viewer works will come out, you can close it.
*Another pop up box too will come up with this heading "Setup unattended access" Click on next.
*It will ask you for name of Computer, Your user name and password, fill all of them and click NEXT
*You will now be asked for email address and password so that a team viewer account will be created for you. Click next after filling the information.
*The team viewer website will show up and ask you to Login, use the email address and password you used to register and Login, you can now close the browser window.

Install team Viewer on your Android
1. Go to google play and download Team Viewer for remote control
2. Install it on your android phone.
3.After installation, click on the Icon and you will see the following picture

4. In the first box, type your Computer ID. See the highlighted example i.e the red circle in the first picture and click "Remote Control". If you are not where your Computer is, you will have to ask someone to give you this info.
5.It will now ask you for the password, use the password given by the Computer, it is below YOUR ID.
6. A "mouse interactions" page will come up, click CONTINUE. You will now see that the computer screen background will change to BLACK. You can now do anything you want and it will happen on the Computer or Laptop.

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NOTE: If you want to use a Laptop or Computer to Remote control another one, both must have Team viewer installed. You must also be connected to the Internet.

I will be writing about how to remote control an Android phone from another Android phone later.

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