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Send pictures through Chat box on facebook while chatting

Facebook has added a new feature to facebook chat that makes it easy  share photos while chatting. When I observed the feature, I quickly tested it with a friend. It is meant for sending only IMAGES. I tried sending a video file
it did not work, my friend saw a blank message. I also tried sending a music file, it also was blank. He did not receive anything. But immediately I sent an Image, he got it!
See the pic below

If you want to send a picture to someone while chatting:
1. Click on the small camera icon at the end of the chat box ( See pic above)
2. Choose the picture you want to send

That is all. Remember that once you select it, the picture is immediately sent and you cannot attach a message to it or edit the picture again. Try it and let me know your thoughts about this new feature.

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