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Two teams score 79 and 67 goals in one football match

How can a football match end 79-0 !!! Or even 67-0. But as they say : "wonders shall never end". In a bid to secure promotion into the Nigeria National wide league
(which happens to be the lowest tier of Nigeria's domestic league) PLATEAU UNITED FEEDERS beat AKURBA FC 79-0.

Before now both teams were level on points and they knew that only goal difference would make one team qualify at the expense of the other.They were involved in promotion play-offs in which the winners would qualify to play in the Nigeria Nationwide League division 3.

Plateau Feeders reportedly scored 72 out of their 79 goals in the second half. Let's do the arithmetic.
2nd half=45 minutes
This means they scored more than one goal in every minuteof the second half!

Police Machines were leading 6-0 in the first half and they later scored 61 goals in the second half to total 67-0.
This means they also scored more than one goal per minute in the second half!

The NFF described the monday results from Bauchi where the games were played as "a mind-boggling show of shame". The scorelines were "scandalous", the NFF added. Amateur league board Secretary Emmanuel Adesanya added that the match officials had also been suspended pending further disciplinary action.
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The Nigeria Football Federation is reported to have suspended the four clubs indefinitely while an investigation into match-fixing will also be conducted.

1. what did the match officials say or do?
2. What of the Referee?

I have asked someone to get me the video clips from Bauchi, I will upload them as soon as I get them. If our young footballers are so talented that they can score this huge number of goals in a match, then why is our National football at a low level?

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  1. The match officials & Refs have been dealt with but my worries is will a life ban placed on players be effective? Considering that NFF requested for the names of players and officials involved in that mess after they've pronounced their final judgement.


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