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Unzip files on Android phone without a Computer

When I published the post on how to install PES 2012 on Android, people kept calling and asking why and how to UNZIP the folders. Most people did not have access to a Computer or Laptop and so could not unzip the files. Here is a tutorial on how you can unzip files on an Android phone.
To unzip a file using your Android phone, you will have to install EASY UNRAR LITE from Google play store.

How to Use
*After installing the app, Click on Easy Unrar Lite to open the app
*Scroll and check for the folder that has the file you want to unzip. For me I put "" in a folder called LOGO which is inside my memory card, that is why you can see /mnt/sdcard/LOGO.

*Tick the box in front of the file you want to unzip.
*Click EXTRACT ALL HERE (you will see it at the top of the app)
*You will see the extraction in progress as shown below, just allow it to complete.

*When it reaches 100% it will show Finish as in the pic below.

* Click on BACK.
Go out of Easy Unrar Lite. Go to the folder you initially kept the file in. e.g I kept my own file in LOGO folder so if I go to LOGO folder, I will see my extracted file as shown below.
 You can now do whatever you want to do with it. (Your zipped file can be in any folder on your memory card, and that is where the app will also keep the unzipped file for you)

PES 2012
For those who are unzipping "com.konami.pes2012", when you go to where your unzipped file is located,  Click and hold on the unzipped file for 2 seconds. You will see the pic below.
* Click on copy, then scroll to ANDROID folder and click on it
* You will see DATA, click on DATA,
* Then click on OK. The file will take some minutes to copy, you will see something like this pic below.
When it stops, it means your file is fully copied to that folder.
* If you have not Installed the  pes2012.apk, do it now  and enjoy the game.

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  1. good work, keep it up. pls can u send pes 2012 for androi apk and sd data files. tank u very much

  2. wr du i download sd data file pls

  3. Achive is curropt or the password is incorrect. Thats the error i got when trying to unzip the file boss i beg help me out

    1. The file is working well, try downloading it again. Or use a computer to download it

  4. pls baba make a video on hw to install it simple

  5. Hi, thank you so much it worked, however I have an easier way of installing the game. first of all just download the file and extract it through winrar. then extract all of the files to your desktop. after that, plug ur phone into the computer and just copy the files into .data from Android. then go on your phones browser to this website and download the apk. then ur done

  6. Tnx 4 d great wk;I couln't install d Easy Unrar lite,help me pls.

  7. Great, can u plz tell me what to do on my tecnof7, if i want to open pess2012 after installing apk, it will pop up ( unfortunate stop or error)

  8. pls i nid ur hep o i want 2 download d sdcard files nd is showin me downloadin failed in my operamini pls i need help nd am usin etisalat

  9. moi pes is showing download error. the server is not available or validation of the files is not successful,pleas try again later #wat did yhu think i can do pls help me

  10. i am using tecno phantom a plus. iv done everything u said but its still not working.i unzipped and pasted it at android data.pls help

  11. I want to know is this steps usable to any other games like metal gear,isniper,NFS etc.....

  12. Thanks a lot....I have successful installed the game and really enjoy it...thanks so much and God bless u

  13. baba you are the best i installed pes 12 successfully and i enjoyed it,but you sould show how to install real football 11

  14. I zip and unzip files by an app called File Expert, which is also a good management app for Android phone.


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