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Download Android apps on google play to Computer without using phone

Sometimes you may find it difficult to download an application to your android phone either due to network failure, or problems with your PLAY STORE. You can overcome this limitation by asking someone to download the app and send to your phone or download to Computer before transferring to your phone.   In order to download Android apps on google play to Computer without using phone, you will need to have to have the following :


Install Whatsapp on Nokia Asha 200 and other Java phones

Installing Whatsapp on Nokia Asha 200 and other Java phones is very simple. Just follow the steps I am going to give below and do it. I have installed it on Asha 200, 205  and other Java phones for more than 20 people now. Even if you don't have these phones, help your friend or neighbour so that we can all be connected online. Do theses steps:


Browse cheaply on Android phone using TweakwareVPN

Tweakware VPN is blazing and browsing fast on my Android phone. I use one premium account of N500 for both my Computer and my Android phone, so when I am not at home, I browse at fast speed with my phone. If you are not browsing and downloading on your Android phone, then you are missing!! Do the following if you want to browse with Tweakware VPN on Android phone


Browse FREE and download with Tweakwarevpn on Computer and Laptop

Would you like to browse UNLIMITEDLY ? I mean browse and Download unlimitedly?
 If you have just answered YES, then this post is for you. I have been browsing using this method on my Laptop and Computer for some time now and feel I should share with you. Any thing I post on this blog is something I have experimented my self and enjoyed the benefits.


Using Blackberry subscription of Mtn, Airtel, and Etisalat to browse on Android

Using a blackberry subscription on Android phone is one of the cheapest ways of browsing the internet. In fact, I have tested and confirmed it several times that the blackberry subscriptions browse and download faster than normal subscriptions for all the major networks i.e Mtn, Etisalat, Airtel and Glo. Today I will be showing you how you can make Mtn and Airtel blackberry subscription work on your android device.


Root Tecno L3

I rooted my Tecno L3 this morning, it was as simple as rooting Tecno P3 and N3. To root our Tecno L3, the first thing to do is to update our DRIVERS. The first thing to do is to update the drivers of the Computer or Laptop you are using. Download the file below, It is just 342 kb and will not take up to 5 minutes to download.


Tecno Phantom A+ Price and specifications / features

Tecno Phantom A plus is making waves, from Abuja to Lagos, Sokoto to Portharcourt. Check the Price and specifications that are making Nigerians ASK FOR MORE ! It comes with a  4.2 Android version (Jelly bean), remember the Phantom F7 had version 4.1. Do you know what that means? Read On.


Tecno L3 tricks not included in the manual

The Tecno L3 tricks I have stated below are the product of my experiments with the phone, I doubt if the manufacturers know that their phone can do some of these things, if they knew then the price of this phone would have been very high. Try them and let us know your observations


Install Java games and Apps on your Android phone

After a lot of Research I have finally gotten a way to install java games and java applications on android phones with Android version 2.3.5. For most of us who migrated from Nokia phones to Tecno, we miss those games and apps we had on Nokia phones.


Tecno M3 Price and Specifcations / Features

The Tecno M3 will send you dancing if you are the type that loves speed and high level multi-tasking due to its "1 Ghz dual-core CPU". I remember those days when "dual-core" was a term used only in the Computer world. Dual core is like a human beign that has 2 brains, which means he/she can think or do more than 2 things at the same time. That is what the Tecno m3 brings to you. Below are the specifications and Price of Tecno m3:


The best picture editing websites in 2013

These websites will turn your pictures to award winning sensations on the internet. People love pictures and that is why all my blog posts usually carry one or more images to further add clarity and beauty to my articles. I have been using these websites to beautify my pics for quite some time now, and I feel you should also know. Below are the websites I use to edit my pictures:


Hide secret messages in Pictures before sending them to friends

The fear of online hackers is the beginning of wisdom. When you send data online like emails, know that some people have the capability of seeing those messages if they want to. I am going to show you how to ensure that your messages or documents you are sending online are not be seen by any concerned hacker. Hide your messages inside a picture by doing this:


Browse like a Computer with your Android phone

Many people have been complaining about not been able to download PES 2012 files on their Android phones. I have written a small tutorial on how to download the files using your Android phone. Follow the steps below:
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