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Browse like a Computer with your Android phone

Many people have been complaining about not been able to download PES 2012 files on their Android phones. I have written a small tutorial on how to download the files using your Android phone. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to the browser that came with the phone.
2. Click OPTIONS (It is usually the last key by your left)
3. Click MORE.
4. Scroll down to SETTINGS and click on it.
5. Then Scroll down to UAString and click on it. You will see DESKTOP, click on DESKTOP. Click back and type in the address bar to test. You will see the page come up as if you are on a computer.

You can then download the PES 2012 files for installation by clicking  HERE.

2.  Install Dolphin browser Mini from google play store
i.   Click on the Dolphin Browser to start the app.
ii.  Click on OPTIONS (It is usually the last key by your left.)
iii. Click on TOOLBOX
iv. Click on User Agent. You will see a green dot on ANDROID (DEFAULT)
v.  Click on DESKTOP so that the green dot will move from Android (default) to Desktop.
vi. Click on OK.

You can now type to test if it is working. You will see the blog exactly as you will see it if you use a Computer or Laptop to browse.

Use these techniques to download and Install PES2012 foolball files. 

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