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Hide secret messages in Pictures before sending them to friends

The fear of online hackers is the beginning of wisdom. When you send data online like emails, know that some people have the capability of seeing those messages if they want to. I am going to show you how to ensure that your messages or documents you are sending online are not be seen by any concerned hacker. Hide your messages inside a picture by doing this:
1. Download ImageHide by clicking HERE or copy this link and paste into your browser
2. It comes in a zip format, to unzip it using your Android phone click HERE
3. After unzipping it, Install the software on your Computer or Laptop.

How to Use
Let's say you want to send a secret message to your friend, and you don't want any one to see it or read it, please take the following steps:

1. Double click on the icon to open it.
2. Select a picture by clicking on LOAD IMAGE, a box will come up. Locate you image and double-click on it.
3. In the box below, write what you want to hide in it OR copy what you have already written and paste inside the box.
4. Click on WRITE to enter the text into the image. (it will look as if nothing happened. Don't worry! Check the bottom of the software, you will see "Data written to image OK")
5. Click on SAVE IMAGE to save the image (give it any name of your choice)
6. You can now send the picture to anybody.

How to View the Picture
The person who is to view the picture must also have ImageHide installed on his/her computer.
1. Double click on the icon to open the software.
2. Click on LOAD IMAGE and choose the file.
3. Click READ DATA, immediately you the data that is hidden inside the picture will appear in the box at the bottom.
4. You can then highlight the message, Right-Click on it and you will see the picture below:

Click on SAVE TEXT DATA TO FILE, give the file any name of your choice and SAVE. That is all.

How to attach Password to the Picture
You may also password the picture so that even if somebody see's the picture and try's to open it, it will ask for a password.
1. After writing or copying your text into the box (before you click WRITE the text to the image)
2. Click the ENCRYPT button and a page will pop up.
3. On the page that just came up, Click the Encrypt button and a password box will appear.
4. Put any password of your choice inside the box. and click OK. ( the message will now become scrambled, Don't worry !)
5. Click on CLOSE, (your data has now been replaced by the encrypted data) it will now bring you back to the main screen.
6. Click on WRITE button.
7. Click on SAVE, give the file any name of your choice. that is all.

When any body try's to open the picture using ImageHide so as to see what is inside the picture, it will ask for password.

Viewing Pictures with Password
If you want to open the picture,
-load the image inside ImageHide.
-Click on READ DATA, a box will appear, click on DeCRYPT.

-A pop up will come up asking for the password; input the password that was used to save the message and click OK.
-The message that was encrypted will now show.

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You are advised to send the password to the person who is to open the picture through another means like text message.

This means of hiding information in pictures can not be detected by sniffing methods that hackers usually employ to steal data from emails. This software can be run on Windows Vista, 7, and windows XP.

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