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Install Java games and Apps on your Android phone

After a lot of Research I have finally gotten a way to install java games and java applications on android phones with Android version 2.3.5. For most of us who migrated from Nokia phones to Tecno, we miss those games and apps we had on Nokia phones.

Installing Java apps on Android is usually not difficult except for Android version 2.3.5. Tecno P3,N3 and T3 all have Android 2.3.5
If you do not know how to check your Android phone's version do the following:
==>Scroll down to ABOUT PHONE and click on it.
==>You will see your Android Version there. I am using Tecno N3 for this illustration and the Android version is 2.3.5

* You must have a rooted phone. If your Tecno P3, N3 and T3 is not rooted, click HERE.
* Download and install ROOT BROWSER from google play.
* Download these files by clicking on them :

How to Install Java Runtime Environment
1. Go to location where you downloaded the files, Click on the Java icon and install it. You will see the pic below
2. Click Root Browser on your phone Menu to open the application. It will ask you to DOWNLOAD UTILITIES, Click NO.
3. Scroll down to SD CARD and click on it.
Look for the folder where you downloaded the files in your phone and identify When you see , click and hold on it, OPTIONS will come up, click COPY.
4. You will see an ARROW at the bottom saying UP. Click on UP to go back to the beginning of the app.
5. Scroll down and look for SYSTEM, click on it. (see the picture above- SYSTEM is under SD Card)
6. Then Scroll down and look for LIB, click on it.
7. Click on PASTE so that the file will be pasted in that folder (i.e System/Lib) See pic below
8. Super User may ask you for permission to allow the app, click ALLOW and the file will now be copied to that location.

That is all. You can now exit the Root Browser application.
Now RESTART  (Off and On) your phone so that the changes will take effect.

How to Install Java apps or games
1.Click on the Java icon in the Menu of your programs.

2. Inside the Java app, Click on OPTIONs (see pic below)

 the button is the last button towards the left side of your phone. After clicking OPTIONs, you will see list of Options (SD Card, Internet, Info, Remove, Tasks, More)
3. Click on the SD Card, a box will come up that will show you the java applications on your phone that you can install. Scroll to the one you want and click on it. ( e.g I am installing firstmobile)
4. Another box will come up giving all the info about the application you want to install. click on OK.
5. Another small box will pop up asking you to select folder, Click on the SD Card, a Warning sign will come up, just click OK.
6. The app will install. It will ask you "Do you want to launch the MIDlet?" Just click OK and the java application will start up.

Watch the Video

You can now play the game or use the app.
When next you want to start the java app or game, first click on Java icon in the Start Menu and inside it you will see your java apps. Since the java apps were not meant for android phones, they can not be run outside of the Java icon.
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  1. Its not working ooooo Oga please help.

    I did every thing but to open the file it said ROAMING - PREFERRED SYSTEM

    Please what should i do now please i love JAVA am on my knees

  2. Thx baba mine is pes 2010 it opened but not running

  3. Hi Nicholas,
    Can I instal Java application in Phantom A+ without rooting it?
    What is real use of 'Key Chain' application in the Phantom A+ phone? it seems to consume a large portion of battery usage. Can I 'force stop' it?


  4. unfortunnately java has stopped what causes such things, am using tecno l3


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