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Tecno Phantom A+ Price and specifications / features

Tecno Phantom A plus is making waves, from Abuja to Lagos, Sokoto to Portharcourt. Check the Price and specifications that are making Nigerians ASK FOR MORE ! It comes with a  4.2 Android version (Jelly bean), remember the Phantom F7 had version 4.1. Do you know what that means? Read On.

Android Version
 4.2 Jelly bean

It has 4 gig Internal memory and 1 gig RAM.


displays up to 256K+ colors on the Screen. The phone comes in White or Black colours for now.

 Screen Resolution
720*1280 pixels

 Automatic display rotation
This means anytime you turn while holding the phone, the screen rotates easily to fit your posture.

 Screen Size
  5.0 inches

 Screen Material
 TFT;  It supports Multitouch gestures such as pinch to zoom

3.75G Network (HSDPA 900 / 2100)
2G Network (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900)
The SIM 1 has 3g

 Screen type
CTP capacitive touchscreen

It is a dual SIM phone and both of them can be in standby mode. This means the to SIMS can be used at the same time without one affecting the other.

Phantom A+ has a strong plastic covering protecting it. Although it depends on how you use it. If it keeps falling on the ground, your guess is as good as mine.

*It has 8 Mp Back camera that has LED flash scene selections and optical zoom.
*The front camera is 1.2 mp.

The Tecno Phantom A+ is equipped with a 12 month warranty and their customer care centers are ever willing to give you support  for free.

-It has support for Wifi hotspot (wireless Tethering)
-Has Wifi 802.11 n/g/n
Bluetooth version 3.0
*USB Port (5 pin) This enables you to
*Advance Audio Distribution (A2DP) ...
*There is GPS navigation- A GPS navigation phone is a device that receives Global Positioning System (GPS) signals to determine the device's location on Earth.

Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, G sensor

 Picture format
It can store and display pics in jpg, png, gif, bmp

 Video player  function
It can play mp4, 3gp. The video recording is smooth, clear and second to none.

 Audio player function
It can play audio records in MP3, ACC, WAV, MIDI.

 Battery Life
The capacity for Phantom A+ comes with 2100m AH.
The talk time is 120 hours
In standby mode, the battery can last 400 hours.

 Take a Screen Shot of your screen
You can take screen shots of your phone screen by using these steps:
*Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button and the POWER ON/OFF button at the same time, hold for 3 seconds. You will see something happen like a flash. Go to your GALLERY and view the screen shot there.

 Other Accessories
*FM Radio, Earphone available
*Java not available
*Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint&Adobe PDF document viewer
*IMAP/POP3/SMTP/Microsoft Exchange email support
*Gmail, Whatsapp and Facebook
*Chrome browser for faster browsing
*SMS/MMS&IM messaging
*Games- some games are already installed
*Alarm, Torch, Calendar, Memo and World Clock.
*Google Maps.

The following have been tested & are working well on Tecno Phantom A+ :
Watch football LIVE on Android phone
Install PES 2012 on Android phone

The price of Tecno Phantom A+ varies from place to place.
A friend in Abuja bought it for N37,000

NOTE: When buying it, check the box very well, you should see :
         -Tecno A+ phone
         -8gb external micro SD
         -Usb cord
         -Mobile Power bank (pocket Inverter)
         -Pouch that doubles as extra back cover.

 See: Tecno L3 price and specifications
         Browse like computer on your phone
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  1. I just got it but my bat3 is dying by d minute. What can I do?

    1. When you buy any phone. You are supposed to charge the battery for at least 3 hours. Even if the battery is full , just leave it to continue charging so as to expand the battery well.

      If you have not done that, allow the battery to exhaust itself and die completely. Then charge it for 3 hours with NEPA light not generator. Let me know how far

  2. I will love to buy the phone. Do you know where i can get it in portharcourt? And if i do get it, i will contact you for downloads assistance.

    1. Buy from 36k
      just got mine today

  3. Please does Java emulator work on this as well?

  4. Where will I buy A+ in port harcourt and which box will I see d A+

  5. Is phantom A+ the same as phantom F7/ Phantom A / A1?

    1. No. Although the body and interface are thesame but Phantom A+ has a higher android version and is faster.

  6. does it support the external micro SD?

  7. Does the phone has the ability to allow user be on Youtube

    1. Yes it allow user b on YouTube

  8. Pls does de fone have hdmi so I can conect it to my lcd and watch films?

  9. wenever i try to connect to wireless,im unable to punch in the keypad.,it brings out voice control...what do i do?

  10. were to type in isnt working

  11. Hi,

    My worry is with lens of the back camera of this phantom A+. It seems so much exposed outwards that if the phone is used to be put on a table or rough surface during normal use, the lens might get scratches easily and hence spoil/blur the quality of the photos taken. Is there a way of protecting it?

    1. There is a jacket that comes with the phone. If you put the phone inside the jacket, it will cover the camera side too

    2. Pls how can I deactivated d sound when typing. I have unchecked d whole boxes in the sound settings. But it keeps making sound when I'm typing. Just got did phone today.

  12. I give kudos to tecno for this phantom Andriod A+ I obtained about 3 weeks now though its working fine and its give the value of its money. Nevertheless I have complain about its camera flash light it doesn’t hold to object compare to blackberry. The 5MP of a BlackBerry beat its 8MP at total night darkness even before its totally dark but wherever there is bright light phantom beat bb. But the complain still remains at total darkness bb camera beats the so called 8MP. maybe should I say I don’t know how to set the camera? But believed u me if a picture freak u will try all the settings on the phone in order for u arrive at the best quality u wanted but still all the effort wasnt successfully. Even a tecno official at an outlet try his best which appreciated him though what I wanted wasn’t solved but rather I learnt more about my phone LAUGHS. So pls phantom engineers work more on that pks reply me via email if there is anyone that knows the setting if am wrong.

    1. Muyi, I think Tecno heard you complain and have answered with the new PHANTOM F8. It has 13 mp Camera. Read about it here

  13. Pls my tecno l3 is not power on again after I format it pls, what is the solution now

  14. how can i root tecno phantom A plus(+). thanks

    1. Why do you need to root it then I can help you do that

  15. How can I get phantom A+ black and how much?

  16. Hi mr Author, all the specs i read so far about phantom a+ having 16 millions colors, not 256k+.

  17. Can someone block unwanted call on phantom A+ ? as is use to be on samsung phones

    1. Yes he can, as any other android users. As long as he can enter playstore and download 'CALLBLOCKER'.

  18. where can i buy phantomA+ In makurdi?? Or the phone isnt here yet?

    1. Hi, check phone stores in Makurdi. They have it in stores there

  19. I can't zoom why taking pix, pls can some one help me

    1. If you watch carefully , when you are in camera mode, you will see
      - and +
      In the middle of these - and + you will see a small circle, if you drag the circle to the right, it will ZOOM, if you drag it to the left it will reduce the zoom

  20. Doesn't d fone have a manual? Nd pls try correct d camera ish in d same techno A+. Tnx

  21. Does d phantom F8 come with a power bank

  22. Meehhhhhhhh it jst too fun nd luvly here am so impressed hearing all dis techno re doing dey re really makin d phone more fancy nd unique,I cnt jst wait to get mine first tin tomorrow monrinz.u too gbaski phantom 1 luv dia

  23. Please,is the new Phantom F8 higher than phantom A+?

  24. please my batttery is draining really fast.i charged it fully before i started using it. please is there anything i can do about it?

  25. I think imma go for the new Tecno A3

  26. How can I do screen capture on my phantom A+

  27. i bought my techno phantom A3 december 31st and uptil now it has refused coming on. i complained to the phone dealer i bought it from and he adviced i take it to any techno care and the manager i met there have not told me wat exactly is wrong with the phone. pls wat do i do cos am already loosing my patience......paying 50k for a phone i hav never used is making so angry wit dis fucking techno of a phone.

  28. My new tecno phantom is having a red straight line by the right. How do I remove it?

  29. My 4 months old phantom won't detect SD card. I keep getting error damaged SD card, I've replaced 3 cards now, but right now its not detecting anything.

  30. Does this phone have an online store that I can go to and download an app that I want? Like Viber, Bible, True Caller and others? Does the android system on this phone allow for such online store downloads? Please let me know.

  31. hw do i order 4 tecno phantom a plus with my phone 4rm jumia,plz i need d reply urgently.

  32. Between phantom A+ and P9 which one do you think is the best out of the towo devices. Am planing to get one but I don't really know which one to go for. I need your candid opinion please.

  33. My phantom A+ is not seeing my SD card


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