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The best picture editing websites in 2013

These websites will turn your pictures to award winning sensations on the internet. People love pictures and that is why all my blog posts usually carry one or more images to further add clarity and beauty to my articles. I have been using these websites to beautify my pics for quite some time now, and I feel you should also know. Below are the websites I use to edit my pictures:
This is an online picture editing website. It is very similar to Adobe photoshop. The amazing things you can do with a picture on this website is just breath-taking. It has the following sections:
*Online Editor for editing pics.
*Open Pixlr express

Pixlr also has an Android app and Apple app which means you can access it even when you are not with your PC.
You can give it a shot and tell us your experience.
Designing your pictures on not only makes them beautiful but also gives them a professional look. Many people post pictures of themselves in foreign backgrounds. Those kind of pics are made from such sites. The pictures can be used for facebook profiles, twitter or on blogs. see example below
This is a site that allows you to add special effects like shining stars, blinking love signs, special blinking backgrounds etc. Why not check it out
This site gives you more than just picture editing. It gives you opportunity to make banners, blog headers of any size. You can make your facebook page banner here. All you need to do is upload your pic and the rest can be accomplished through your creativeness.

See: Tecno L3 price and specifications
       Hide Videos, Music, Messages, Files on Android
       Add facebook LIKE box to your blog
Bannerfans as the name implies is all about making banners. You have the freedom of making custom sized banners. You can even make advert banners here. The end product can be downloaded in jpeg and png formats. I made my first blog header on bannerfans.

Paint Software
The blog header you are seeing on was made with Paint. It would be unfair for me not to mention this software that is found on almost all computers and laptops. I use it a lot to resize, merge, add effects to almost all the pics I put on my blog. One of these days maybe I will write a tutorial on how to use it. Well, that depends on if my blog readers ask for it.

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