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How to Share/Transfer Installed applications from one Android phone to another (including files)

So many times you come across an application in somebody's phone that may or may not have been downloaded from googleplay, you may like the application so much and want to install it, but when you ask for the file, the person tells you that it was only installed and that he does not have the raw application to give you. I have decided to show you how you can transfer such installed applications from one Android phone to another.
The first thing to do is to check your phone for flash share, if you don't have it, download it from google play

1. Launch Flash Share by clicking the icon

2. Give any username. You can add a picture to your account if you want.

3.  Click on CONNECT WITH FRIENDS, You will see a box pop up with two options "create a connection" and "scan to join".  Click on CREATE CONNECTION

4.  You should now open Flash Share on the phone you want to transfer items to and click on CONNECT WITH FRIENDS. It will bring uo a box with two options, Click on SCAN TO JOIN. (The phone will use your wireless service to connect to the other phone)

5. When the two phones connect, you will see two icons representing the two phones at the top of Flash share.

6.  Click on the applications or images or video or music you want to send. SHAKE the phone you are sending from and you will see that the item will begin sending to the other phone.

7. Once the receiving phone has finished receiving tha app, you can install it on the phone by clicking the received app. If it is video you can watch it. That is all.

For those who after ROOTING their phones cannot install Super user due to this error message : "file is invalid" you can use FLASH SHARE to transfer Super User from another phone to your rooted phone.

Go to googleplay cache and delete the data there, refer to my post on clearing android phone memory.

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  1. is it inside the flashare application that you are going to select the app you want to send?

  2. Thanks for sharing how to share transfer installed application
    keep sharing


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