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Browse FREE on Android phone with Tweakwarevpn

When I wrote about using Droidvpn to browse FREE with zero naira on your Android phone, people were happy but they complained about constant DISCONNECTION from Internet. Today I am giving you a method that does not disconnect no matter the level of browsing. If you want to browse FREE (zero naira) without disconnection problems on your phone, do the following
Download these 2 files. (YOUR ANDROID VERSION SHOULD BE 4.0 and above)
a. Download Openvpn HERE and install it on your phone
    OR type the below link in your browser

b. Download Server HERE
OR type this in your browser
Extract the zipped folder in  step b to get the small files inside (Click HERE if you want to extract using your phone)

c. Create an account HERE
A link will be sent to your Inbox or Spam mail, you have to click on the confirmation link sent to you before the account will start working.

d. Please do not change the APN of your phone, leave it normal
Your phone configuration should be the normal settings for MTN
        APN: - See more at:

1. When you click on the installed Openvpn for the first time, you will see it like this pic below
2. Click on the FOLDER icon ( I drew a circle around it in the pic above)
3. Scroll to where you kept the extracted files
4. When you see a server e.g [TCP]-CANADA-MONTREAL1_TweakwareVPN

 *Click once on it, you will now see that the SELECT button under will become "Active".
*Then click on SELECT button. You will see a long message.
*Click on the SAVE button. ( I circled the SAVE button in the pic below).
    *That is all
5. Now Repeat Step 2 to 4 to upload each of the openvpn servers.

NOTE: Be writing out the servers as you are uploading them because some of them have thesame names, so that you do not mistakenly upload a particular server twice.

Browse FREE with Zero naira on Computer and Laptop
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1. After uploading the servers, Your screen should look like this pic below.
Click on any server e.g CANADA-MONTREAL.
 2. It will open a box asking you for Password and Username, input them and tick the SAVE box. It will now begin to connect. HURRAY. (It takes roughly a minute or 2 to connect.

*If you want to stop browsing, just click on Openvpn icon, You will see "X" at the top, click it.
* If you cannot connect or your browsing speed is slow, you can change server by clicking on another server, inputing username and password.

Even if you have ZERO naira on your phone, it will work. Remember that you only have to pay for one month subscription of N500 to be able to use Tweakware account.

For Account Funding Click HERE
OR type this in your browser

Please if this works for you, let us know in the comment section, sometimes we don't even know if people use our tricks

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  1. I have downloaded one openvpn application before, it is about 820kb. the one you gave the link above is up to 2.4mb. can I still use the openvpn I have before?

  2. No. Delete the old one you have and download this new one. Or else it will never work

  3. Pls mine says "there is a problem parsing the file" any ideas what might be causing it?my phone is also rooted,thanks

    1. Are you sure your phone is 4.0 and above? If it is, then download it again, maybe it did not download properly

  4. am loving your blog Bro

  5. Does one need a rooted phone to use it?

  6. hy pls i wana no hw to upgrade my tecno p3 nd i also need free browsing cheets on a glo modem. thanks

  7. does it operate only in nigeria


  8. does this work only in nigeria coz im in ghana

  9. can i use another network such as etisalat, glo or airtel

  10. I try it BT it showed me( error cong film) help me wat shall I do.

  11. Please is it still working? I tried it over night but it refused to connect.

  12. hey am frm Tanzania bt the prblem of costant dsconection is stll hapen on ma phone so plz help mi

  13. Download Latest and Hot Naija Music and Videos plus latest news @

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    am in Ghana
    I followed every bit of your tutorials but my problems is the connection doesn't come.
    I have tried all of the servers but it remains the same ....
    the response I get is [ connecting ,, reconnecting then finally not running ]
    pls help me out .....


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