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How to make a Screen Shot FREE on your PC or Laptop

So many times while doing something on your PC or Laptop, you may wish to make a screen shot of the computer screen. Probably you want to send a shot of an error message on your computer or assist a friend solve a problem, you will need a screen shot. I will show you how to do a screen shot FREE
on your PC because most screen shot softwares usually demand you pay before using them.

There are basically 2 Processes to do it, Use any one that you prefer.

1. Click on WINDOWS START MENU. It is located below you computer screen. See Pic below

2. Click in the box below so that your mouse Cursor will be in the search box.
3. Type SNIPPING TOOL ( You will see that it has scissors icon.)
4. Click on the icon and a small box will come up

5. Drag the cursor around the area you wish to make screen shot.
6. Save your screen shot.

In order for you to easily access it next time, after doing step 3, Right -Click on the icon, then click on PIN TO START MENU so that anytime you click Windows Start Menu, you will see it there.

Using the Print Screen Feature.
1. Check your Computer Keyboard for PRINT SCREEN key , It is written "PRT SC". Once you press that key, your screen shot is captured, you can now paste in PAINT or Microsoft word .

*On some computers, you may have to hold the "Fn" key while pressing "PRT SC" for print screen to work

With the above processes, I believe you can confidently make your screen shots any time you feel like it. Test it now and let me know the result if it works for you or not.

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  1. I am happy when reading your blog with updated information! thanks alot and hope that you will post more site that are related to this site.

  2. Snipping tool is one of the tool for taking screenshot in both laptop and system, This snipping tool is very useful tool.


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