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How to Use Nokia phone as modem for connecting to Internet

Nokia phones are still top quality despite the advent of Tecno and  Samsung android phones. Your Nokia phone has the ability to connect your PC or Laptop to the internet      ( Serve as modem). Due to the high cost of modems, you can still browse comfortably without using a conventional modem. You need to do these if you want to use your nokia phone as modem

You need the following to make the process work
a. Nokia Pc Suite , you can download it HERE
b. USB cable or Bluetooth (to connect phone to PC)
c. Your Nokia Phone

Advantages of using Nokia pc suite
1. Help connect your Computer to Internet using phone as modem
2.With Nokia pc suite, you can access your memory card and phone internal memory!
3.You can install applications easily.
4. Use Nokia PC Suite to move content between the phone and the computer
5. Do backup of your contacts, messages, music, videos etc
6. You can sync information between your phone and programs, such as Office Outlook.
7. Create multimedia messages.
8. Manage your phone's calendar like reminders, alarms etc

How to Use Nokia Pc Suite
1. After you have downloaded the PC Suite, Install it on your PC.
2. You can now connect your phone to the PC and open the Nokia PC Suite you installed on your PC
3. Enter SETTINGS on your Nokia phone, click on CONNECTIVITY, click on USB DATA CABLE and choose PC SUITE.
4. When you want to connect to Internet, Click the Internet Icon, (I circled it in red in the above pic)
5. Once it is connected to Internet, you will see the pic below

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  1. can I use it to connect to mtn fastlink?

  2. Connect to Mtn fastlink??? I don't understand your question.


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