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Open Tabs or Pages from your last browsing session on Firefox, Chrome etc

When you start up your browser on Pc or Laptop, you usually will prefer to see  the last pages you were working on previously. Most times you discover that all the pages are gone and you have to start the painful and tedious process of going through your search History to give you an idea of what you were browsing before. There is a way that you can set your browser whether it is Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari or Torch
 to start up from where you stopped browsing previously without losing any pages. This process tells your PC to store the work before closing.

1. Click on SETTINGS TAB in Google Chrome (see Pic below)

2. From the list that appears, click on SETTINGS.

3. You will see ON STARTUP and under it there are 3 options. Tick the option that say's
             Continue where I left off

 You can now close your browser and open it again so that the changes can take effect immediately.

The steps enumerated above will work for Torch Browser and other similar browsers.


1. Click the Firefox Tab, you will see it in colour Brown at the top left hand corner of your firefox page. (See Pic)

2. Take your cursor to the OPTIONS Tab, another list of Options will come out. Click on the OPTIONS, you will see a box appear.

3. Click on the GENERAL Tab, you will see an Option called
                   When Firefox starts
Click on the box beside it, you will see 3 options,
Choose show my windows and Tabs from Last time by clicking on it.

4. Click OK. That is all

These 2 processes given above work for most browsers, the key thing is first identifying where the SETTINGS icon is, from there you can easily navigate through the various settings and look for any thing similar to "Starting your browser from the last pages".

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