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Whatsapp vs Blackberry Messenger. Which is better ???

With the release of Blackberry Messenger for Android phones (Version 4.0 and above), many people who have android phones versions less than 4.0 have been complaining of being marginalized by Blackberry. They simply cannot understand why BBM would not be made to work on their phones. I have done a critical analysis of Whatsapp and BBM. As for me the better of the two is
gotten from the comparison below

1. Whatsapp automatically adds the Contacts in your phone into your friend list, you do not have to send a friend request unlike BBM.

2. You can PING (send messages) to only people you have their BBM Pin, this means your Father, Mother, Enemies will not know your Pin unless you give it to them. In whatsapp once you save a person's number in your phone and the person has registered for whatsapp, he/she can view your status and even chat with you. BBM therefore is more SECURITY CONSCIOUS than Whatsapp.

3. Whatsapp works on all Android phones and over 60 % of java phones in the world including Nokia Asha 200 & 205. BBM works on BB phones and Android phones with version 4.0 and upwards including Tecno phones.

4. With Whatsapp you can send Picture, Video, Audio message, Contact, Location while on BBM, you can only send Picture and Audio message. (When Chatting, click on ATTACH in Whatsapp or BBM)

5. The Swag and Effizy of having a BBM Pin is something that shows class and elevates the status of a Guy or Babe . I can't remember how many times I was embarrassed when People ask for my BB Pin ! I will just say: I am planning on getting a BB soon.

The Final Breakdown
                              Whatsapp             BBM
Point 1                         1                      0
Point 2                         0                   1
Point 3                         1                      0
Point 4                         1                      0
Point 5                         0                      1
TOTAL                       3                      2

Whatsapp has 3 points while BBM has 2.
So this means Whatsapp is better than BBM.

From the foregoing, if your phone cannot use BBM (Android version below 4.0) DO NOT FEEL BAD because Whatsapp is better than BBM. As for me I have the two installed on my Tecno L3 but most of my Friends and fans still prefer to communicate with me using WHATSAPP.

Get me on whatsapp 08032251009
Get me on BBM          7C704C94

If you have other advantages or disadvantages of any one of them, feel free to use the comment box below to let us know.

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  1. sure whatsapp is better than BBM because few people can afford to have Android Version 4 and BB. What i hate again is to wait for BBM requst to be responded because most of its users fells sweet hence they ignore your request forever or it takes so long to respond.
    BBM will take time to have 5 stars

  2. ur ryt bbm is Nt working on techno phones is useless.

    1. BBM is working on my Tecno L3

  3. Whatsapp sure has my vote
    Who wants yo risk losing a bb of fifty+ thousand naira when u can communicate easily with a phone of few thousand naira.

  4. Tecno phones work but, it must be 4.0 upwards

  5. I have phantom f7 but I CNT invite people on bbm hmm sad and I will Nt be added.

    1. I am inviting people and receiving invites also. Call me 08060217623

  6. bbm works on tecno phones but ur phone must run the 4.0 OS version....bbm on tecno L3 rocks for me anyway and has the BB Z10 feel,i think if bbm had been launched earlier it would be topping the list of social networking apps...anyway only time would tell and more features are coming on it (bbm for android)

  7. My techno p5 has stopped connecting to Pc wit USB aw do I do it pls


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