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Free Browsing on MTN

When I heard of this free browsing, I thought it was a joke ! One of my friends tried it and confirmed to me that it works. If this method is not FREE browsing, then I don't know what else is. I have always said it, It is not as if Nigerians don't want to pay for browsing services, but the rate Network Operators charge is outrageous. When will all these stop? Well, I hope other networks will see reason and reduce their rates. Follow these steps for FREE BROWSING

These rates are from 3rd party resellers:

             250MB 30 days   N350
             500MB    30 days   N700
             750MB 30 days   N850
             1GB         30 days   N1,200
             2GB         30 days   N2,000
             3GB         30 days   N3,000
             4GB         30 days   N4,000
             5GB         30 days   N5,000

The above MTN data plans have 30 days Validity and you can pay by:

If you wish to use MTN recharge card to buy any of the plans, meaning that you will not stress yourself going to the bank, You MUST add N50 as handling charge. e.g
         250Mb = N350 + N50= N400
You will send a N400 Mtn recharge card to them, after they have
confirmed its validity. Then, the customer will be credited with his/her Data in a few minutes. See an example of the text message you will send.
Mtn 400 Card
1234 0000 1234
Send 250 mb to this number

Check out this link for their Bank Account details:

NOTE: Immediately after making  a payment, text your Name, Amount Paid, Phone Number to be activated and Data Bundle required to 08134069615.

The data plans can be used on Android devices, Computers, Java phones, Symbian, Iphones, Laptops etc. Happy Free Browsing. Use the comment box below to let us know if it works for you. Cheers.

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You can access the 3rd party resellers website at

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  1. Is there any additional data, lik does bonus data one gets from buying any of these packages? The network providers e.g. MTN would give u additional 1.5GB for every 3GB nite package you buy, and it cost only #2500¿?

  2. You have a nice looking website with sequence arranged, keep up the good work and I wish you best of luck.

    1. Thanks Sir. I am grateful for your visit

  3. What are the codes?


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