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Use 2 phone numbers for whatsapp on one phone

Do you want to use 2 phone numbers on whatsapp in one phone? I just discovered a method that will allow you access 2 whatsapp accounts with one phone at the same time. The steps to make it work are so simple that I was wondering why I had never thought of it in the first place. Do the following if you want to enjoy 2 whatsapps accounts on one phone

1. Download this application 2 Lines for Whatsapp.
2. Install the application .
3. Make sure your phone is ROOTED. Check Google for steps to root your phone if you have not rooted it before now.
4. You must have installed the normal whatsapp in your phone.
5. Launch the 2 Line for whatsapp application.
6. When the application opens, you will see a picture like the one below, the last whatsapp account you used will be on top and there will be a box below where you can click to add a new account. In the picture below, my first number that had whatsapp on it was 08032251009. I will now click on the box below to add another phone number.

7. (MAKE SURE YOUR 2 SIMS ARE IN THE PHONE) Click on ADD A NEW LINE FOR WHATSAPP, the phone will immediately detect the other SIM that has not been configured for whatsapp, and will open the installation window for you to install the whatsapp for the second SIM. See the pic below:

8. Now your phone will now go through the normal process of setting up a whatsapp account, you should have some money in the new SIM because whatsapp will definately send a text message from your phone to whatsapp SERVERS for verification. That is all.
9. When you want to use the other SIM in your phone for whatsapp, click on the 2 Lines for whatsapp application, it will open and you will see your two phone  numbers, click any one you wish to use and it will open up the whatsapp for you. See my 2 phone numbers have been configured.

I think you can add a third SIM for whatsapp if you wish to, I have not tried it, but if you can test it, please let us know by using the comment box below whether it works.  Happy Whatsapping, Lol.

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  1. That's cool. There are quite a few people who use the app and they would like to know how to do this. Thanks for putting the guide together.


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