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Google Android watch gets 17 new faces- SEE PICS

Google released new watch faces for its Android Wear OS on Monday.
According to confirmed sources at Google, the 17 new watch faces will carry characters and super brands from all over the world. Similarly, Android Wear can run custom third party watch faces and the new faces which are released in conjunction
with Angry Birds, LuLu Frost, Kevin Tong, Rubiks Cube, Terminator Genisys, Hello Kitty and a host of other companies. The 17 new faces are just AMAZING, see pic below

Google further claims that with these new additions, Android Wear users will surely find a watch face that will match any outfit, mood, or occasion irrespective of the location of the users.
Currently, there are more than 1,500 free downloadable watch faces available in the Google Play store, they  range from designer ones to the one with super cartoon characters for children.

Analyst feel that Google is trying to distinguish its own watches from other competitors especially Apple watches. Both Aple and Android watches offer similar features like , voice-control navigation, Bluetooth, fitness-tracking, apps and Wi-Fi connection. The price is also an area Google intends to use against Apple watches for instance an average Android watch goes for 200 dollars while the cheapest Apple watch sells for 350 dollars.

If you do not want to waste money buying watch faces, then you can download this watch face maker, it allows you to use your own photos to make and customize personal watch faces. This will save you tons of money.

Features exclusive to WatchMaker :
• Instant access to over $100 worth of watch faces from our G+ page..
• Animated GIFs - Add custom animations to your watch face!
• 3d Gyroscope - Create an amazing parallax effect!
• Interactive Watches - Create hotspots to launch watch or phone apps!
• Animations - Create bright / dim / tap animations with 45 tweening functions!
• Calendar - Choose which calendars to show!
• Weather / Moon Icons - Add in 1-click!
• Countdowns - Days until your birthday, Christmas, etc!
• Cool Text Effects - Add glow, outline, even flat shadow!
• 1-Click Widgets - Including battery (watch/phone) + WiFi widgets!
• OpengGL Shaders - Powerful rendering for watch segments, radars
• Free Watches - Get 1000's of watchfaces from our huge G+ community!
• Tasker - Full tasker integration to set watchface, change variables, run tasks
• Compass - Add rotating compass or bearing
• Stopwatch - Why design a watch when you can build a stopwatch?!
• Multiple Time Zone - Set up to 3 custom time zones
• Series of hours / minutes Zooper style!
• Heart rate and step counter for fitness
• Programmable Watches make calculator, stopwatches, countdowns, anythink your like using in-built Lua programming engine!
• Time Machine - test your watch at any speed to see how it looks in the future!

Also features :
• Very low battery usage!
• 6 free watch faces for Android Wear
• 4 new featured watches each week!
• Weather Data
• Smooth second hand - 50fps!
• Supports round and square faces
• Selection of analog and digital clocks!
• Customize sizes and placements for cards, indicators + OK Google!
• Get data from all phone sensors, accelerometer, etc.

The apllication supports the following watches:

• Motorola 360
• LG G Watch
• LG G Watch R
• LG Watch Urbane
• Samsung Gear Live
• Sony Smartwatch 3
• ASUS ZenWatch

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